[Interview] Part 3: Adam Chee, Noted International Healthcare Informatics Authority

This is the next blog in the continuing series of interviews with leading professionals.

In this blog series, we talk with Adam Chee, a top expert in Healthcare Informatics. Adam is also the first and only international Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Hall of Fame Inductee.

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Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P., MVP

Stephen: What are some critical issues facing organizations today and how can they be addressed?

Adam: Organizations are increasingly utilizing technology as a differentiator to gain competitive edge. In the quest to achieve this goal, some of the important issues such as cost justification, organizational structure, delivery processes, expectation and change management are inevitable.

There is no cookie cutter solution to the issues mentioned above as every organization is unique, but good leadership and higher management support are crucial along with the solutions deployed.

Stephen: What are some challenges facing ICT professionals and what are some possible solutions?

Adam: Constant upgrading is paramount to ICT professionals and with it comes a few requirements - time, effort and money, all these are valuable resources to any working individual with family commitments.

Having to handle a myriad of diversified technology, (with the impression from end users as being 'simple' and 'common'), also adds burden to our workload because the expectation is that we should be able to resolve any issues 'immediately and with ease' (without available resources).

Possible solutions include educating end users (and upper management) on our work, hence, my personal uptake on the role of being a technical evangelist for my chosen industry.

Stephen: In your current role, what is the biggest challenge? How does this relate to business?

Adam: I keep my personal endeavors separate from my day job. However, the relationship and trust established in the process of my work never fails to aid me in my professional life work.

My biggest challenge is the limitation on the amount of time I have available. The result is that it slows down what I want to achieve. The good news is, although progress moves slowly, it doesn't stop.

Stephen: What is the biggest issue facing user group communities and IT societies today? Do you have a recommendation for meeting this challenge?

Adam: User group communities are usually run by volunteers and this poses the issue of available time and commitment. In addition, the support of the industry is important.


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