[Interview] Part 2: Adam Chee, Noted International Healthcare Informatics Authority

This is the next blog in the continuing series of interviews with leading professionals.

In this blog series, we talk with Adam Chee, a top expert in Healthcare Informatics. Adam is also the first and only international Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Hall of Fame Inductee.

Thank you and Enjoy!

Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P., MVP

Stephen: Can you describe your vision, mission, strategy, goals, and objectives around your current role?

Adam: I see myself as an Industry Evangelist for both traditional ICT and Health Informatics, to promote our profession and bring it to a higher level. I believe in the importance of promoting technology and our true worth as professionals.

Stephen: What are the top pressing issues in the area of Health Informatics and what do you propose as solutions?

Adam: Some the current pressing issues in Health Informatics includes:

  1. The pressure to ensure maximum Return of Investment (ROI) in terms of monetary results sometimes results in possible cost cutting measures that can affect operations and even quality of care.
  2. Acceleration in the adoption of new technology while reducing medical errors can be tough to juggle.
  3. Change management. Physicians are one of the most challenging group of end-users.
  4. Security and privacy of patient's records. There is a huge area to be discussed.
  5. Integration of vastly disparate systems, some not conforming to industry connectivity standards, especially legacy systems that are too costly to replace.

While there are solutions available, the viability remains largely on the organization's culture and workflow.

Stephen: You are a known world authority in Health Informatics including authoring papers and presenting at conferences. Please share your most useful tip.

Adam: There is no real secret Stephen, passion is the key. Just do what you like and the rest will follow.

Stephen: How will Health Informatics evolve in the future?

Adam: The medical industry is one that utilizes high end technology but Healthcare Informatics is still pretty much in its infancy stage, the potential for growth is huge.

I personally feel that it is a great time to be in Health Informatics and I am very excited to be part of the evolution.

Stephen: When working with your clients you come across best practice scenarios. Can you share five best practices from your long history of success?

Adam: Integrity, constant learning, good communication, managing changes, putting yourself in other's shoes are five of the best practices that have served me well over time.


Look for more with Adam in the next blog.
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