On Tour and Talking about IT Alignment

I’m back at home base (Vancouver) from the IT Executive Alignment Tour. I just finished Edmonton and Calgary and next week, I’m off to Quebec City, Montreal, and Ottawa. I’m taking the Industry View of IT as an Strategic Asset. To be strategic, IT must be aligned with Business Strategy, Goals, and Objectives and an integral part of the business planning process.
Research proves that businesses must engage in regular strategic planning to be successful. This means ensuring that the organization defines their long-term goals and short-term objectives to achieve their goals. And everything must be within the vision and mission of the company. You as an IT leader must ensure you are part of this strategic planning process and work to align what you are doing with the business goals and objectives. IT as an enabler of organizational strategy is a key to ongoing success. 20% of businesses make IT a top priority however that still leaves the 80% who are still moving in this direction. As IT leaders, you are the bridge in making this transition happen. Ruth in her blog, “Breaking Down Silos to Achieve Alignment,” talks about ways you can keep the conversation going with the business side—that’s a good approach. I wear both hats since I have a background in IT and in business. Developing relationships through regular engagement is the "deal maker"--I know since I see it every day.

I have my podcast with IT Business Group Editorial Director, Martin Slofstra, who talks about the importance of working together from his discussions with CIOs. Martin speaks directly to issues facing IT Leaders. Catch our discussions each month!

There is also a discussion with Celso Mello, CIO of Chubb Security Systems, and he talks about integrating IT planning with business strategy. He provides some good insights – so watch for the upcoming blog where I interview him.

I look forward to seeing some of you while I’m on tour.


Stephen Ibaraki,

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