IT Executive Alignment Tour

Is IT a cost centre or strategic asset?

As an IT leader, you need to align your organization's IT infrastructure with its business objectives.

At the upcoming Microsoft IT Executive ALIGNMENT'07 TOUR, you'll gain further insight into how to meet this need—and how Microsoft-based® technologies can help you gain competitive advantage while helping to streamline your IT infrastructure.

In three insightful sessions led by industry experts (and our resident bloggers) Stephen Ibaraki and Barnaby Jeans, you'll discover actionable, real-world solutions that you can apply to your IT department. You'll focus on the strategic role IT plays in business, the importance of the right platform, and the roadmap to move to a dynamic, adaptable IT Infrastructure.

It's a half-day not to be missed.

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    It’s quite an experience speaking on the IT Executive Alignment Tour and talking to IT executives from

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