[Podcast] Interview with Richard Swann, Loki Management Systems

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Richard Swann, the President of Loki Management Systems regarding their experiences in looking at offering their solution on Linux.

Loki Management Systems, a leading Canadian workforce management solutions provider, has built its business on the Microsoft® platform from the start. However, in 2001 the increasing popularity of the Linux platform piqued its interest. When IBM approached Loki, the company decided to test IBM DB2 Universal Database. Given the tremendous buzz around Linux at that time, the investment looked promising.

However, the installation of the Linux system was difficult and technical support was poor.  After eight months the team experienced no benefits and spent thousands in unanticipated support costs. Loki decided to abandon the Linux platform and carve out its niche using Microsoft Dynamics™AX for its workforce optimization solution for Microsoft .NET connection software. Now, the extensive development capabilities in Microsoft .NET are providing Loki with a flexible platform on which to help grow its business. In addition, Loki has since become a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner.

The interview is available to download in both mp3 and wma formats.



http://www.canitpro.ca/CdnITManagers/Podcasts/Loki Interview.mp3

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