Interview with Thanh Trinh-Quang – Telebec

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Thanh Trinh-Quang about his SQL Server 2005 implementation at Télébec.  The interview is available in mp3 format.

NorthernTel/Télébec, Québec’s leading regional telecommunications company, has a history of overcoming business challenges through the use of innovative technology. Serving 180,000 customers in 300 municipalities across Québec, NorthernTel/Télébec collects large amounts of customer data that can provide valuable clues about how to best market the company’s services to customer. However, the company needed a Business Intelligence (BI) solution that would provide the marketing team with the ability to develop custom reports and more easily export charts and graphs from the reports into PowerPoint, Word, Excel® and other Microsoft Office applications. The company also needed database technology that would allow it to automate the process of migrating customer data into the database, and improve the overall integrity of the data. To meet these needs, the company worked with Microsoft partner CGI to implement a new solution based on early versions of SQL Server™ 2005. The solution enabled the company to improve business insights, reduce operational costs and meet Sarbanes-Oxley and Bill 198 mandates.

The full case study is available from



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