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Here is a link to a terrific article I just read in eWeek regarding traits of the ideal IT professional:


Spoiler warning: If you don't read the entire article, the CIOs interviewed identified the following 5 key traits in IT professionals:

(Comments in parenthesis are my summary interpretations.)

* Enjoys light (i.e. doesn't work head's down in a cubicle)

* Isn't addicted to acronyms (i.e. strong communicator at all levels)

* Thinks Global (i.e. appreciates value opportunities in outsourcing and has skills to manage outsourced projects)

* Has B-Gene (i.e. understands the "B"usiness [specific], understands "B"usiness [generic])

* Can adapt (i.e. embraces change, constructive problem solver)

Take a moment to read this article and consider where you stand relative to the collective perception of the CIOs interviewed for this article.

If you are looking to build your IT career, the I.S.P. designation is a strong statement that you view yourself and will conduct yourself as an IT Professional. This in turn will tell the savvy CIO that you aspire to embody these traits.

Are you aware of other trends of the future ideal IT professional? If so, I want to hear about it!

Adam Cole, B.Math, I.S.P., PMP
Manager SPS Applications & Development – McKesson Canada 

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