Who is CIPS?

I wear many hats/roles including in areas that are non-IT related. Invariably people ask me what I do. I identify as belonging to CIPS having been a member for many years.

So how does this relate to you as an IT worker or manager? Well 44% of our members are managers and this includes many senior executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Do you want a career boost or to develop relationships and ideas for moving along the management ladder? CIPS is the best resource for this in Canada.

I attended an event earlier this year captured in this link from our bi-weekly e-magazine, CIPS Connections. Have a look at the names in the list! They represent significant contributors to the ICT profession and industry both in this country and internationally. They are CIPS members too representing a “tip of the iceberg” of the extensive experience, resources, and wisdom available within CIPS. There are CIPS Sections [chapters] in many cities where you can reach out and connect. As one example, I attended a meeting at one of them and a most prominent employer of IT professionals [several thousand] is a section director. At the meeting, at least one if not more, got job leads just by asking him.

As a follow-up to saying I’m with CIPS, people often request more details. I tell them, we are Canada’s Association of IT Professionals. And CIPS is pronounced KIPS (with a hard “C”).

I recommend they delve into the details of the I.S.P., the profession’s only legislated IT designation recognized by statute:

I also talk about our bi-weekly e-magazine/newsletter which discusses issues impacting professionals and the industry plus news for our members: http://www.cips.ca/news/

I always recommend this CIM blog as a way of connecting with community too…

This inevitably triggers a need for details… so then I say ….
CIPS is the largest, oldest, and most influential “Canadian” voice of the IT practitioner and a strong advocate of professionalism.

With its nearly 50-year history, CIPS is an original founding member of the IFIP (International Federation of Information Processing) which consists of the IT societies in more than 50 countries. CIPS itself was founded by one of most important contributors to Computing worldwide, Calvin Gotlieb. Calvin was made a founding CIPS Fellow this year due to his many outstanding contributions to Information Technology.

Moreover CIPS holds two board seats with the international US-based ICCP (Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals); a link with the South East Asia Regional Computer Federation; holds ties with the British, Australian, and New Zealand Computer Societies; has relationships with major associations, and accreditation groups. CIPS is also very well respected globally and for this reason CIPS was granted and then hosted the biennial IFIP World Computing Congress in 2002. With ties to major government, industry, and academic bodies, the installation of new initiatives goes through a rigorous due diligence process since what CIPS does has implications that go far beyond the society. For example, actions CIPS’ takes can affect new government legislation, international trade law, academic programs, employment standards, relations with other professional bodies, new industry initiatives, and even items like the GATS agreement and the EPA (Emergency Preparedness Act).  CIPS also has the only government legislated professional designation (called the I.S.P.—Information Systems Professional) akin to the designations found in the accounting, legal, medical, and engineering professions. The I.S.P. (Information Systems Professional) designation/certification from CIPS integrates computer science, information systems, business, and demonstrated high-end professional-level practice and development. Moreover, CIPS has an accreditation program for universities and colleges. 44% of the membership are managers and officers in organizations and the membership represents more than 2000 corporations, government agencies, and other entities. In addition, CIPS hosts the largest educational professionalism conference in Canada for the IT Industry: INFORMATICS.

CIPS’ long history integrating with all elements: IT professional, industry, education, media, and government provide a past strategic foundation for enabling the success of IT and business professionals, corporations and organizations.
Thank you,
Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P.

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