Mindless Entertainment

After much careful and prolonged deliberation, I have decided that one of the main reasons to switch to Vista for me is the much improved version of Solitaire!! As a long time Solitaire freak, now that most of the bugs have been removed, I love the new version; the fact that I can now cheat on a regular basis by using undo and that, when my mind stops working entirely (no smart remarks please), I can ask it for a hint as to what goes where! Nothing beats Solitaire for totally mindless entertainment. It permits me to empty my mind quickly (again no smart remarks please as to how many nano-seconds does it take to empty Graham’s mind) and relax.

I don’t enjoy playing games that require high levels of skill or thought processes, largely because they are lacking in my case. There are a couple of features which I quickly turned off because they kept me away from my state of meditation, and those are the sound and animation options. The animation is cute but I find it very distracting. It stops me dropping into the first level of self-hypnosis required to play 50+ games at a time. I have now played enough of the draw 3 cards version to establish fairly accurately that, unless you go totally to sleep (has been known to happen late at night) that the average win rate is approx. 10%. I am sure someone much smarter than I could probably figure it out mathematically but I forgot most of my university math years ago. BTW the 10% was determined over 3000+ games, which should make it fairly accurate. Could I be addicted by any chance……? I wonder if there is a Solitaire’s anonymous. Maybe I should start one …..or will I be the solitary Solitaire sucker in attendance ? :):):).

Happy mindless Solitaireing!


Graham J.

PS Fortunately, there are some other good reasons to switch to Vista but I can’t seem to get to all of them because of playing Solitaire :(. Please, please, produce a Solitairelees version. I can’t bring myself to uninstall it. I am too afraid of the withdrawal pains! No this isn’t April 1st. I can hear the men in white coats knocking on the door as I write this. My wife has obviously had enough and resorted to desperate measures. Who knows my next blog could be totally incoherent as I go through withdrawal; well more incoherent than usual :).

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  1. Adam Cole says:

    LOL! Thanks for the humour Graham.

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