Develop Without Borders for over $160,000: Contribute your ideas and talent to WIN FOR YOUR CHARITY

There is no greater service than for community and charitable causes.Develop Without Borders is all about community outreach to ensure the success of a charity. And, I know from working with you these past 30 years, there is no greater group than IT professionals, with big talent and great ideas, to make lives better.

Here's the challenge to you!

Between June 26th to August 31st, design an application for the 2007 Microsoft Office System to enable and support your favourite charity. Make a difference! Your application design could win a share of over $160,000 for your charity to put your idea beyond concept into action.

Judged as one of the best: you could receive: HP hardware, Microsoft software, a featured role in Office Noir Episode III, video case study production, extensive PR exposure/support, recognition, and the chance to work with the best in Microsoft and HP to take your design into reality. Your charity wins hardware, software, services, and PR to make it all work to further their success. You are empowered to make a lasting contribution to citizenship.

Make the move...

Thank you,
Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P.

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  1. jointer says:

    Despite Stephen being a very busy person, I know that he always tries to make time for community and charitable activities. That’s one of the things that I respect and admire most about him. I am quite sure that the reason that he commits to this is the pleasure, personal reward and strength that he derives.

    I also happen to believe in the same values and have personally experienced some of the special and unique good feelings that come from not just helping others but seeing the appreciation for the difference that you have made.

    Very often there are particular private, personal reasons for arriving at this point of personal development. Whether that is the case or not I would like to add my personal encouragement to that of Stephen’s; please make the time and get involved.

    Those people who have the good fortune to be blessed with particular skills but fail to use them for the betterment of all haven’t yet realized the importance or what they are missing!


    Graham Jones

  2. Anonymous says:

    I recently added a comment to Stephen Ibaraki’s post ‘Develop Without Borders for over $160,000: Contribute…

  3. Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS,I.S.P., says:

    Thank you Graham, adding your thoughts to this worthy endeavour!


    Stephen Ibaraki

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