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In April, the interview with S. Somasegar, Vice-President of Microsoft's Developer Division, appeared here.

Soma just shared the latest last quarter Developer Division releases so I'm providing them to you here.

Stephen Ibaraki

Power Toys v1.0 for Visual Studio 2005
These power toys are targeted at providing solutions to developer pain-points and diagnostic tools for support services. Currently released tools include:

Each Power Toy release is shared source, containing well-documented source code and extended documentation including developer design docs, test plans, planned future work items, and a "Getting Started" guide.  These Power Toys have been downloaded over 4,300 times in the first week alone.
Please feel free to participate in discussion about how we're doing with our Power Toys at Sara Ford's Blog <>. <>
On May 23, we launched an incredibly exciting community focused on developers and ITPros who use IIS - <>.  This site features a category based community knowledge explorer, downloadable tools, forums, blogs, and information about IIS7. <>
In 2001, we launched <> as a place for the product team to begin interacting with the ASP.NET community directly through forums and content.  Today, <> is the largest, most trafficked ASP.NET community in the world, with the largest aggregate and active knowledge base about the product anywhere.  There are over 220,000 users contributing to over 452,000 threads, and almost 1.2 million posts.
The team recently re-launched the site with a major investment in making it easier for customers to find the content they need.  Also, the site now has an extensive collection of videos, including the new "How do I" video series <>.
Additionally, in partnership with the local community, the team has launched a French sub-site <> to provide core local language content and experiences for French-speaking ASP.NET users. Check back often as additional languages are rolled out during the next quarter. <> has become the premier blogging destination for the ASP.NET community.  It currently houses over 500 blogs, with 50,000 posts, and 100,000 comments.  Today it drives about 30M PageViews per month and 4M unique sessions.  The upgrade serves as the first public site to be rolled out on Community Server 2.1 and will prepare us to begin opening up the free blogging service to new membership in the next 3-4 months.  The homepage consistently provides our Web community with the most pertinent and informative information about the Web platform from both internal and external bloggers.
Visual Studio Extensibility Campaign <>
On May 15th, we introduced an important campaign to drive awareness, excitement and momentum around Visual Studio Extensibility. As part of the campaign, we are launching the Visual Studio 2005 Build-Off <>.  Top Prize is $5,000 cash, an interview in MSDN Magazine, a trip to TechEd Spain, and your package featured on the MSDN Web site and listed in the Extensibility Catalog.

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