EnergizeIT Photos

Just a quick post to say that the photos I took at EnergizeIT are now
posted to Flickr :

If you took any photos, feel free to upload them to the Flickr photo
pool for EnergizeIT at http://www.flickr.com/groups/energizeit/pool/

Finally, Rick has done a quick write-up on the CanITPro blog - http://blogs.technet.com/canitpro/archive/2006/06/26/438917.aspx



Comments (2)

  1. Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS,I.S.P., sibaraki@cips.ca says:

    I really enjoyed the event, the tech stream with Mark, and the loadfest went very well spilling out into two additional rooms beyond the main theatre. Attendees were loading IIS, Virtual Server and Vista too within a virtual machine–a great learning environment. As a CIPS representative, the response to our 3 minute professionalism talk was overwhelming. People queued up during the lunch break and in the lunch area when I had a chance to take a short break plus I’m getting e-mails even today from people wanting more information and about how much value they got from the talk. What really made my day was introducing Neil Squire, the charity for the Vancouver event. They got tremendous value from the day and the attendees really showed their support. I consider the day a great success and fun too :-)!

    Stephen Ibaraki

  2. jointer says:

    For my part it was a privilege to be involved in helping to run EnergizeIT in Vancouver. The full house of 300 people made for a great ‘energized’ atmosphere.

    I too really enjoyed the event both in terms of the interaction with the community and with my fellow community leaders. The opportunity for cooperation and collaboration with and between the community leaders, I am confident, will strengthen the community overall, and bodes very well for the future.

    Stephen did an excellent job of ‘selling’ the benefits of CIPS. The new wider scope for obtaining the important ISP designation was particularly noted and generated a high level of interest. Kudos to CIPS for recognizing and implementing these changes. They are right on the ‘money’. It was clear from the audience’s comments and questions that many people recognize the benefits of the ISP but up until now felt that it was beyond their reach. Many of the other professional associations have in the past been through the same process of recognizing that people take many different routes to the point where they are worthy of ‘professional’ recognition.



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