Top 10 Attributes for an Effective Trainer: Top 10 Keys for Effective Training-Part 1/2

In a discussion I had with Thomas Moore, a top-tier developer, consultant, trainer and author, I asked him to share his 10 tips for trainers and for training.

Here are Thomas's top 10 attributes that make him one of the best trainers:

  1. I always like to think of myself as a very personable individual who gets along well with others and can empathize with the experience of a variety of individuals.
  2. I like to learn. I heard once that you live longer if you stretch your mind both vertically and horizontally. If that is the case then I may just live forever as I continually drill deeper into my own field and I am constantly delving into projects that require other fields of expertise.
  3. I believe in the products that I use. I work daily with the technologies that I write and speak about. I am always exploring any areas that are unknown and practice with elements I use less often.
  4. I am a very confident speaker. I enjoy the work that I do and love to talk about it. I freely share the knowledge I have attained with others. I am always described as a passionate person by the people I work with. I love to "work the audience" talking back and forth and creating a true dialogue in any presentation.
  5. I am not perfect, far from it. It's true. I am not afraid of failing nor am I afraid to admit when I am wrong. I believe that you only truly fail if you never try. Every failure is simply an opportunity in disguise.
  6. I am very goal oriented. At every stage in my life I have set goals for myself. Once I reached any particular goal, I reward myself in some manner which I feel is an important aspect of the process. I then set the next goal. Any goal you set should be Reasonable, Exact, Appropriate, Calculable and Honest. When you REACH for a goal you will progress further and faster.
  7. I am a very focused individual able to use extreme levels of concentration when working. I find at times when studying or working on a project I am able to block out the rest of the world to completely absorb myself in what I am doing.
  8. I feel that one of the best qualities that I bring to any table is diversity. Over my lifetime I have been involved in many industries and had such a wide array of experiences that I can contribute to any organization on many levels. I am equally comfortable with doing the planning and budgeting for a project as I am with being in the trenches or doing the clean-up.
  9. Patience is a virtue. You have no doubt heard the expression before. The classroom seems to prepare you for having a family and vice-versa. I don't think I was always this patient but raising three children has certainly helped. Teaching young adults, barely past their teens, has provided benefits. Having been married for 17 years and working through relationship challenges have no doubt also contributed.
  10. As stated earlier analytics, mathematics and logical thinking are all skills I have possessed throughout my life. These are skills used daily in everything I do. As a programmer they are in essence my life's work. When faced with diversity these attributes help me through any sticky situation.

In part 2 of this two-part blog, I will share his tips on effective training.

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Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P.

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