Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Program (MVP) History, Goals: from Nestor J. Portillo, Regional Manager, Americas Region MVP Worldwide, Microsoft Corp.

This is the continuing series of special interviews appearing first here in the Canadian IT Managers (CIM) forum from top-ranking business and technology leaders.

Yesterday we began our discussion with Nestor J. Portillo, and provided Nestor’s rich history in the industry.

Today I put these questions to Nestor:

SI: Describe how the MVP program has evolved since its inception and which external influences triggered the program changes?

NJP: Community is a very complex and vibrant entity under a constant evolution and this is one the facts that is triggering part of the program changes. Today the MVP program is evolving almost at the same pace as the community does especially in terms of new spaces inclusion.

People in our program are constantly monitoring new spaces in order to understand their dynamics and identify behaviors and trends. Our approach is to become a participant in these community spaces.

In terms of evolution, this program has taken an interesting path since the few Compuserve lists at the early stage to the public newsgroups era. The MVP program has evolved into a worldwide program. In the past three to four years the program started to embrace the whole community neighborhood not only in terms of participation spaces (offline versus the traditional online approach) but also in its geographic approach and technology myriad. The MVP program actually has direct presence in more than 95 countries around the world and covers almost all Microsoft technologies spectrum including: MSN, Xbox, Visual Developer, Mobile, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Office Systems, etc.

SI: Can you describe your vision, mission, and specific goals with the MVP program this year?

NJP: Program vision: Foster a vibrant community ecosystem where Microsoft and customers learn about each other through valued ongoing relationships.

Program mission: At the MVP Program we foster satisfaction and loyalty throughout the customer lifecycle through world class recognition and relationship experiences that enrich our products, inspires business innovation and positively impacts Microsoft customers.

Main goals this year:

  1. Continue to deliver a quality of experience for our MVPs during the year of their award.
  2. Empower recognized, credible and accessible “experts” who share a common passion for technology and demonstrates willingness to share their experience with others in technical communities.
  3. Provide open and honest dialog globally by listening, sharing and responding.


SI: What do you hope to accomplish in the next few years?

NJP: There are several goals but to summarize the most important:

Ø Continue to deliver a world class program that really enhances the experience of this amazing group of individuals and expands to the whole continent.

ØContinue to listen to our MVPs in order to gather valuable community feedback coming from this independent voice of  the world’s users

ØChannel the feedback collected from our MVPs and communities to drive innovation into our products and technologies that allow people to achieve their potential.

ØContinue to recognize people who deserve the recognition, especially in countries/regions where there is a vibrant community, but where the program does not yet have a presence.

ØEmpower our MVPs with knowledge and tools to contribute to the technical community level ecosystem.


Tomorrow Nestor will describe his biggest challenges and their solutions. Nestor will also delve into what key factors contribute to an IT professional receiving this unique honour and discuss the evolution of the selection process.

I also encourage you to share your thoughts here on these interviews or send me an e-mail at

Thank you,
Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P.

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