Career Milestones, Lessons for IT Managers/Professionals: from Nestor J. Portillo, Regional Manager, Americas Region MVP Worldwide, Microsoft Corp.

This is the continuing series of special interviews appearing first here in the Canadian IT Managers (CIM) forum from top-ranking business and technology leaders.

Today we begin our discussion with Nestor J. Portillo, who discusses the MVP program and the value it brings to business and technical communities.

Today I put this question to Nestor:

SI: Nestor, we thank you for taking the time to share your deep insights and passion about the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program with our audience.

NJP: Thank you for the opportunity to speak to the community in this forum.

SI: Prior to your current role, please share your career milestones and what specific lesions you learned that would be of value to IT managers and professionals.

NJP: Working for Microsoft, IBM and Siemens Nixdorf and interacting with IT managers and professionals in different Latin America countries, I learned along my career that for IT managers and professionals the value equation has been progressively evolving from the traditional model, (Technical Product Innovation versus price), into a new and very comprehensive equation where additional factors such as: inclusion, company reputation, cost of use and support now play an important role in their value perception of products and technologies.

Today IT managers and professionals pay more attention to these other factors because they are key for their business in terms of service availability, scalability, competitive advantage and business alignment factors, which are part of their agendas. This transition is not isolated, IT companies are also changing; today IT companies are articulating their value proposition around holistic concepts such as: trustworthy computing, business impact, competitive advantage, productivity, connection with customers and people, etc and are also moving their relationship model from traditional suppliers into partnerships.

Microsoft is leading this arena, for the past several years our company has been making key investments not only in traditional areas such as R&D, people and innovation, but also by investing in resources and people to develop the new generation of tools and technologies oriented to deliver, not only the state of the art, but also "Software that works the way you work". If you take a look over our current offer, we are ahead of our competitors by delivering software that helps people to realize their potential. No one has this in their DNA like our company does.

Nestor J. Portillo's Profile:

Nestor Portillo is the Americas Regional Manager of the CSS Communities and MVP Program at Microsoft Corporation. The CSS Communities and MVP Program is primarily responsible for the relationship management of key community influencers in Canada, US and Latin America awarded Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) by Microsoft.

Mr. Portillo began his career at Microsoft in 1997 as an account manager, and has worked for different market segments: Industry, Financial Services, E-Commerce and Certified Partners. Most recently, he served as Developer Support Program Manager for Latin America Region based in the Global Technical Support Center in Las Colinas, TX within the Product Support Services Division. Prior to that, he was the Public Sector Sales Manager for the Microsoft Branch in Caracas, Venezuela.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Mr.Portillo worked for IBM and Siemens and was a graduated student in Marketing Management at the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas. He holds a Master's in Business Administration from Metropolitan University, Venezuela (1996) and a Bachelor of Systems Engineering from Antonio J. Sucre University, Venezuela (1989). Mr.Portillo is married and has no children.

Look this week and next week for more of Nestor's insights. Tomorrow, Nestor will describe the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program, its history and current vision, mission, and goals for providing value to business and technology communities. Nestor will also summarize what he hopes to accomplish in the near future.

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Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P.

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