Self-Managing Dynamic Systems, Dynamic Systems Initiative: Catch the Presentation at INFORMATICS 2006 Victoria May 28-30

I got this question last week: How do you find the time to blog everyday? Do you get paid?

I told Sam, I’m having fun J and I believe in building community and sharing. So I make time and no, it’s all volunteer time, just like with the fine guest bloggers we have. I also told him: Where do you get chance to meet the finest professionals and share thoughts every day? Well I do, here in the CIM and at INFORMATICS!

I’ll be away in Victoria this week for special meetings and starting Sunday May 28th, at the INFORMATICS conference. I’m very much looking forward to talking with all of you so register and join us. I do want to hear your stories. I’ll be introducing the workshops by Derick and Barnaby/Bruce; you can catch me at these sessions too. Many of the guest bloggers will also be there—take this opportunity to meet, learn, collaborate, network, and have fun!

I blogged about the presentation at INFORMATICS by Derick Wong, The Top Ten IT Security Threats and How to Avoid Them. You can hear a podcast with Derick about the event.

For the remainder of this blog, I wanted to talk about Barnaby Jeans and Bruce Cowper and say a few words about their INFORMATICS session on Self-Managing Dynamic Systems. I consider myself “quite” fortunate in meeting these, technical and community engagement, gurus and leaders.

Bruce and I served on a Canadian Council together and I discovered his incredible history and passion in the security arena including co-leading the TASK group. His past work providing forensic analysis and auditing for global companies and police forces is in strong evidence today in driving internet security awareness. As noted in his published profile:

Bruce Cowper – IT Advisor, MS Canada - As an IT Pro Advisor for Microsoft Canada, Bruce is passionate about reaching out to and engaging with the IT Pro community across Canada. He works with a broad range of audiences within the IT Pro community to foster relationships and convey Microsoft technologies and solutions. Bruce is an integral part of the Microsoft team that drives awareness, education and training through events and directly engaging with Canada’s professional communities, including IT managers, infrastructure specialists and architects as well as systems integrators, independent software vendors (ISVs) and community leaders.

Prior to working for Microsoft, Bruce held positions on the board of directors of several IT companies across the UK, providing consultancy and leading the expansion of the technical expertise and customer experience. He has also put this knowledge to good use for private and public sector projects on behalf of several world-wide organizations. Bruce hold’s a degree in Computer Systems Engineering as well as a number of industry standard qualifications.

Barnaby together with John Oxely, created this forum for Canadian IT Managers, the first of its kind with board support and partners such as CIPS, Computing Canada, and He manages its direction and brings an incredible awareness and insights sparked by a rare creative energy. Barnaby will be joining the CIPS national board next week and I’m looking forward to working closely with him. His published profile states: 

Barnaby Jeans - Before joining Microsoft, Barnaby most recently worked as a Sales Engineer for a commercial Linux vendor helping to establish their Canadian sales force. Prior to that, he worked as a technical Sales Consultant for a large database vendor focusing on enterprise architecture. He brings over 8 years experience in dealing with customers of all sizes and on all platforms.

Barnaby is an integral part of the Microsoft team which drives awareness, education and training through special events. In addition to planning and delivering these events, his group directly engages with Canada's professional communities, including IT managers, infrastructure specialists and architects, systems integrators, independent software vendors (ISVs) and community leaders.

Their presentation on Self-Managing Dynamic Systems offers a roadmap to self-managing IT systems and the Dynamic Systems Initiative.

The tide is turning and we are on a path towards more dynamic and self-managing IT systems that break the cycle of complexity. The result is a fundamentally simpler, more secure, reliable, manageable and supportable way of running IT systems. This is the promise of the Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI), building on established industry standards. It is the promise of a self managing Dynamic System which will enable IT to be as dynamic as the business, at the speed of business, for the business. While this is a promise, there are many tools here today and even more around the corner to enable your businesses.

In this session we will take a 360 degree perspective of Microsoft’s dynamic systems initiative with a focus on Virtualization. The goal is to provide you an introduction and overview to SMDS, a roadmap to the future and show you what you can do today to take advantage of dynamic systems. More specifically this session will focus on how we can use the tools to achieve the self-managing dynamic system. This session will include a conversation, technical demonstrations and take a consultative “notes from the field” perspective sharing best practices, possible solutions and lessons that we’ve learned.



Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P.

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