Attend the premier conference for business and technology professionals: INFORMATICS 2006, May 28 to 30th, Victoria, BC

In working with computers since 1965, I discovered it is essential to collaborate and keep yourself current with the latest trends and technologies. What are the top issues and how can you better manage them? What are the best practices that you must know to be successful?  What business and technology roadmaps and key tips can you learn?


The quickest way to obtain this essential value to sustain and rapidly grow your career is to attend at least one key conference per year. INFORMATICS is the conference that I’m recommending. You will find many of the guest bloggers for this forum at INFORMATICS! Why not enter into a dialogue with them?


I would like to see you there! Share your story, and let’s do an interview. Tell me your challenges and we can blog a solution. I was talking with Shane Schick the editor of last week and we talked about sharing CIM blogs daily to his very large audience representing the leaders in business and technology in Canada. So, I’ll be blogging about INFORMATICS at INFORMATICS. I would like to hear from you. Catch me and the other guest bloggers there too!


Here are the details about INFORMATICS:


YOU should be there!
What: The 48th annual INFORMATICS IT Symposium
Why: To capture and bring back a symposium's worth of indispensable knowledge and tactics.
Discover the best and latest thinking on:

  • IT Security
  • Project Management
  • E-Comm Technologies
  • Risk Management
  • Building Better Business Relationships (Executive Roundtable)
  • And much more… (20+ Workshops, Five Keynote Speakers, Golf and Special Events!)
  • Plus, ITIL Certification and RFID!

Where: Victoria Conference Centre (Victoria, British Columbia)
May 28 to 30, 2006
Visit -
            Call - 1-877-ASK-CIPS (275-2477)
           E-mail - 




Stephen Ibaraki, I.S.P.,


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