Attention all IT Managers – What’s the plan?

I have just finished reading a great article that Pamela Slim has written entitled "Open letter to CEOs, COOs, CIOs and CFOs across the corporate world".  As an IT manager or CIO I think that Pamela has some great points to really address how to keep your employees engaged, interested, and excited about the work they do.

As an interesting counter-point, she also posts an "Open letter to employees across the corporate world" which discusses the view from the employees side of things.

As I have been touring across Canada these last few weeks, I am seeing one recurring theme when I talk to IT Professionals; ‘they don’t really know what the business plan is’.  As you read through some of Pam’s comments, think about whether you are helping your employees really understand the strategic value of that project they are working on.  Given that most of the IT Pro’s that I have talked to don’t know the business plan, they are at a bit of a loss to either understand the direction for the department, or understand the value of the project they are working on. 

Some of the IT Pro’s I talked to were very interested in learning more about the business, but unless you take the time to really understand your staff and what motivates them, you may just be paving the way to a quick departure.

Perhaps in reading and sharing these articles, you can help retain your employees and address some of the Comments in DJ’s earlier post.


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  1. Stephen Ibaraki, I.S.P., says:


    An interesting piece…she definitely lends her personal voice :-).

    The business dialogue gap can result from insufficient training in business — how many IT professionals has studied accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship, strategic planning, finance,…? Thus, it becomes encumbant on the non-IT executives to provide this corporate picture to the employee population starting with the IT managers. And, it should be a mandate coming from the board, that corporate objectives are clearly understood throughout the company. It’s a problem that definitely needs to be addressed.


    Stephen Ibaraki

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