Career Tip Series: Richard Giles, Author and Noted Blogger

This is the next blog post in the career tip series from noted IT professionals. The last one was from Mike Stonebraker widely regarded as the world’s foremost pioneer on RDBMS.

Richard Giles: “My career tip is to start networking online. I don't think many people realize the possibilities. As you'll know, you can now network with people around the globe very simply. I'm guessing it might not be a new concept to a IT Student, but current IT professionals and managers are missing out if they don't step up.

I've just blogged about how I see people can make an easy start. A few tips that'll get people going, and focuses on a cheap method by starting a weblog, and reading and commenting on others:

Richard Giles profile:
Richard has been in the technology industry for more than 15 years. He started his career in the early nineties with the largest cell phone provider in the UK, and he was one of the first to demonstrate that thieves could steal people's phone numbers to make free phone calls. When he returned to Australia in 1992, Richard discovered the Internet and worked with organizations to build intranets and extranets before most knew what a Net was. After working for Sun Microsystems for almost 10 years, Richard set up his own consultancy, Clique Communications (, to focus on authoring, consulting, and entrepreneurship. Richard now specializes in online social software, like Flickr, weblogging, and podcasting. He consults with many organizations, explaining the ramifications of technology on society and business. He is the author of How To Use Flickr: The Digital Photography Revolution, and a coauthor of the Podcasting Pocket Guide. He also produces The Gadget Show podcast (, which was voted Best Australian Podcast in The 2006 Australian Blog Awards, and is a founding member of 2web, a group of Australian bloggers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about Web 2.0 (

In my recent dialogue with Rich, he provided this fine career tip on blogging. It’s the medium that is sweeping the world and the basis of a revolution in corporate communications. I have an upcoming interview with Rich so watch for it.

I encourage you to share your views or send me an e-mail at


Stephen Ibaraki

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  1. David Wright says:

    I recommend for networking… and blogs are good way to get your opinions out there, like mine at

    The older-style email groups are still useful to, such as those supported by Yahoo;I am part of Business Analysis group

  2. Stephen Ibaraki. I.S.P. says:


    Thank you for sharing those great suggestions. I also do both plus Plaxo. It’s important to stay connected and provide useful information like on your blog.


    Stephen Ibaraki

  3. Stephen Ibaraki, I.S.P., says:

    You will be seeing an interview with Richard here. In the interview, Rich gives some really great insights into where the Internet is going with social networking and useful blogging tips including if you want to start a corporate blog. It will have some great information so look for it … 🙂


    Stephen Ibaraki

  4. Anonymous says:

    It started with an idea about a year ago with official pre-launch November 28th with John Oxley’s invitation…

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