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Hu, Gates Expected To Get Down to Basics
Seattle P-I - 4/17/2006
Experts say discussions Tuesday between Chinese President Hu Jintao and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates are likely to focus on establishing a basic relationship that can lead to bigger things.

Microsoft Tries To Mimic Boeing's Fortunes In China
Wall Street Journal - 4/17/2006
In his first stop on a U.S. tour this week, Chinese President Hu Jintao will visit Microsoft and Boeing, two companies that have encountered different fortunes in China.

Microsoft Shoots For Photo Search
eWeek - 4/17/2006
Microsoft researchers are working on a way to search the Internet using photos captured by cellphone cameras.

Microsoft To Sponsor World Cyber Games
BetaNews - 4/17/2006
Microsoft has agreed to be the premier sponsor of the World Cyber Games competition for the next three years.

Microsoft Subpoenaed In AMD-Intel Suit
InternetNews - 4/17/2006
Advanced Micro Devices has subpoenaed Microsoft as part of its antitrust case against chip-making rival Intel.

Big Players Compete For On-Demand Supremacy
BusinessWeek - 4/17/2006
Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP are battling one another - and smaller players - to gain a bigger slice of the fast-growing on-demand software pie.

RealNetworks Wins Patent Suit Over Ethos
InfoWorld - 4/17/2006
RealNetworks says it has won a patent-infringement suit over downloading technology that Ethos Technologies brought against the company in 2002.

U.S. Retail Sales Of PCs Have Strong Q1
CNET - 4/17/2006
Retail PC sales in the U.S. were fairly strong during the first quarter of 2006, as notebook growth continued to rise, and desktops made a bit of a comeback, according to analysts.

Once-Wary Industry Giants Embrace Internet Advertising
Wall Street Journal - 4/17/2006
After years of cautiously experimenting with Web marketing, powerhouse advertisers like General Mills and Kraft are cranking up online spending, underlining the Internet's threat to traditional media.

In Silicon Valley, A Man Without A Patent
New York Times - 4/17/2006
Geoff Goodfellow came up with the idea of wireless e-mail, but he will never see a penny of the $612.5 million payday that has resulted from the technology.

Filmmakers Flock To The Internet
CNET - 4/17/2006
More and more filmmakers and animators see the Web as an alternative to the mainstream moviemaking industry and are showcasing their short films on the Web.

USA Network To Air Video-Game League Play
Wall Street Journal - 4/17/2006
Major League Gaming has signed an agreement with USA Network to air its video-game tournaments on the cable-television channel.

Media and Entertainment News

Windows Media Player Upgrade Is On The Way
CNET - 4/17/2006
Microsoft is on track to release the Windows XP version of Windows Media Player 11 before the end of June and is building it into the Windows Vista operating system.

.NET News

Q&A: Microsoft's Web Services Path
BusinessWeek - 4/17/2006
Blake Irving, corporate vice president of the Windows Live Platform Group, discusses how Web services are moving from the desktop to the Internet and how that changes Microsoft's thinking.

Enterprise Server and Tools News

Microsoft Mass Market Play Targets Enterprise Tools
eWeek - 4/17/2006
Microsoft is bringing a mass market approach to enterprise tools as the launch of its Team Foundation Server rounds out the first release of its enterprise toolset.

Oracle Considers Adding Linux OS
Financial Times - 4/17/2006
Oracle is studying whether to launch its own version of the Linux operating system and has looked at buying Novell in order to acquire a system, CEO Larry Ellison says.

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