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I seen this link on one of my friend's blogs (John Weston) and while I haven't had a chance to see the whole thing yet,  there seems to be a good conversation about it on our internal email DL's.  It's a MS sponsered online show about the impact of IT on our world and lives.  The site's tag line is as follows.

InterFace is a television show about the impact of information technology on our world and our lives. Information technology is transforming our everyday lives, often at a rapid pace. Sometimes this transformation is right in front of us; other times it's hardly visible. InterFace looks at the invisible boundary, the place where people work, play, and live with technology, the point where technology transforms us.

I plan to finsh watching it tonight when the kids go to bed as I'm hopeful that tonight is the night my two young sons will sleep thru the night :-).

You can check it out at

I always love to see how technology can help people and would enjoy to hear any stories that you may have! 

take care


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  1. pete says:

    Interesting episode, is this an Internet only broadcast, or does this show up on Television somewhere?


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