Interview: Patricia MacInnis, Editor, Computing Canada

A question I often get is, "How can I progress career-wise and stay ahead?" Invariably, a good strategy is to keep informed.

To help you, I am sharing an interview I did this week with Computing Canada (CC) Editor Patricia MacInnis, a leading and respected voice in the Canadian computing scene.

Patricia provides insights into these topic areas:

  1. Top news items for IT managers in 2005 that are continuing for the future
  2. Priorities for IT managers in the past and in 2006
  3. Issues to be addressed at the executive roundtable at the CIPS INFORMATICS conference held in Victoria, May 28th to May 30th
  4. Major predictions of future trends, their implications and business opportunities
  5. Recommended resources for IT managers
  6. Career events that were turning points; current challenges and goals
  7. Working life as the CC editor
  8. Editorial snapshots of coming features important to IT managers
  9. Hot topics generating the greatest feedback
  10. Big issues facing print publications

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Stephen Ibaraki

Comments (11)

  1. E. M. I. says:

    The executive roundtable caught my attention. I have seen these silos of power and the problems they cause. CEOs and CIOs have to work together!

  2. Tanne says:

    We read CC and noticed the page count decrease. The new blogged down section is a great feature. Are they planning Canadians too?

  3. Jim Laamis says:

    I tend to search online for most of my information needs. An detailed solutions series, that is more than the usual sound bite found online, is a good idea. I like the longer interviews for that reason–Chapel was my favorite but I like all of them. I get real material.

  4. Thomas Walker says:

    We saw the dot com doom years and felt the strain too.  I hate having to justify my job and every project with that business focus, but this is what you get when you get arrogant.  IT got too full of themselves and they paid the price, but I think we are on an upturn.

    I signed up for Computing Canada because of the interview series and want that deeper coverage and recommendations.  We are ow one of the few where I believe our spending budget has grown.  Give me more to prevent or solve pitfalls.  I want deeper pieces in the magazine overall and not an IT version of Time or People magazine.  Nice interview, though I wish Pat would give deeper answers.

  5. Stephen Ibaraki says:

    I feel the executive round table is a real opportunity to get the straight goods on what it takes to be really effective and the changing norms about CEO and CIOs working together. I’m seeing this kind of talk much more frequently and it’s a good sign. I am disappointed that many boards do not embrace this further but it could be due to the average age represented. Overtime, say in the next ten years, with a changing of the guard, there will be IT governance integration at all levels including at the board level and c-level.


    Stephen Ibaraki, I.S.P.

  6. Stephen Ibaraki. I.S.P. says:

    We must acknowledge both John Oxely and his CIM lead, Barnaby Jeans; and Patricia McInnis of Computing Canada, for their innovative leadership in providing a forum for in-depth interviews representing a diversity of opinion. This is a first and takes some courage!

    We do have Canadians upcoming for Blogged Down Tanne. In fact, you should see them highlighted in the next two issues of Computing Canada with the full interview appearing here. There are some really good and useful tips coming in the next one from a working Canadian IT project leader and award recipient. Keep your eyes out for it!


    Stephen Ibaraki, I.S.P.

  7. Stephen Ibaraki says:


    It’s interesting you mention Laura Chappell. She’s quite dynamic and can be controversial. And, her speaking sessions are standing room only for these reasons. I was talking with Barry Sellers on this recently and her popularity. She provides many deep tips in her interview plus resources for more.

    Her work on protecting kids has resonated with many IT leaders including in Canada. When you get a chance, when Bruce Cowper is on tour, have a dialogue with him about it.


    Stephen Ibaraki, I.S.P.

  8. Stephen Ibaraki says:

    If you are looking for in-depth interviews Thomas, there are some pretty deep ones that will be coming up. Since we only have 18 issues for Computing Canada, there will be others which are featured here only. In fact, there’s one upcoming from a top authority which is really a paper due to it’s length and breadth; Full of great information!

    Patricia is just so busy which puts a cap on interview length. However, I recommend you catch her at the INFORMATICS conference where she is leading an executive round table.

    I’m glad, so many of you are finding value here in CIM and with Computing Canada. Let’s work together to support more collaboration and engagement.


    Stephen Ibaraki, I.S.P.

  9. Monica says:

    Nice interview!

  10. Stephen Ibaraki, I.S.P., says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it Monica. Sad to say but Patricia has now moved onto another role however I’m looking forward to working with the new editor. Look here to see what’s in store for the future! Great things are coming down the pike 🙂


    Stephen Ibaraki

  11. Anonymous says:

    There are those special industry voices that need to be heard in our forum. They provide great insights…

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