IT Manager Interviews – Ian Collins

As part of the new IT Manager Interview series, I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Ian Collins, IT Co-ordinator for Lutherwood Child and Family Foundation. Ian has recently gone through the process of migrating from a Novell based environment to a Windows Server based environment. In the interview Ian talks about some of the benefits that they have seen after doing the migration.

In talking with Ian, I was impressed to hear that Ian's environment is running with close to 100% satisfaction from the users and a dramatic reduction in help desk calls, not to mention hard dollar savings. I think one of the things that most resonated with me in talking with Ian, was the fact that both the users and the management had a great deal of buy-in to the project prior to it starting. This virtually guaranteed that the project would be successful in the users eyes.

The interview is available in mp3 format.

Shortly after recording the interview, there was also a write up in the March 3rd, 2006 issue of Computing Canada.

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