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MICROSOFT: IT Manager Connection: Stephen Ibaraki Profile (October 2010):

 CIPS Fellow:







Sampling of Stephen Ibaraki’s ongoing invited Microsoft contributions and recognitions:


- Invited Official Senior Industry Advisor and Analyst to Microsoft Canada and Microsoft Redmond on business, strategy, technology, community interfacing with board members, and senior executives and managers; keynoting Microsoft sponsored conferences and tours; Chief Editor and Co-host for Microsoft’s largest platforms; writing for Microsoft publications and blogs; advising on new technologies and strategy

 - Invited Chief Editor, Microsoft YouShapeIT/TechNet (2008-2009); targeted audience 26 million IT professionals

 - Invited keynote, Microsoft Strategic Architecture Forum (SAF) (2008), 97.5% survey rating; select forum, invitation-only for architects from all major sectors; from this keynote Ibaraki was "uniquely" invited to present to the Federal Government House of Commons IT Organization (from the SAF, only one receives
this invitation each year).

 - Invited senior industry expert and judge for Microsoft: Ignite IT Career Webcasts; MSDN Code Awards; TechNet Awards; Ignite IT Awards (2006-present)

 - Invited opening keynote, Microsoft IT Executive Alignment 10-city tour (2007); outlining the business of IT and how IT can contribute to organizational strategy; Ibaraki provided a unique business plan model, highlighted in industry articles, for aligning IT to the organization


- Founding Co-host Microsoft IT Manager Connection and invited senior industry analyst (2005-present); the largest IT management forum for senior executives, and managers with an international audience

 - Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award (MVP) (2012). See below.

 - Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award (MVP) (2011). See more below.

 - Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award (2010), akin to an external Fellows award for independent non-Microsoft professionals for their outstanding contributions; Stephen Ibaraki’s MVP
; The citation reads: "All of us at Microsoft recognize and appreciate Stephen's extraordinary contributions and want to take this opportunity to share our appreciation with you." "MVPs are technology's best and brightest, and we are honored to welcome Stephen as one of them."

 - Microsoft TAGM Global Gold Award (awarded in 2009 at the Global MVP Summit)

 - Microsoft TAGM UGSS Global Award (awarded in 2009 at the Global MVP Summit)

 - Microsoft MVP Award (2009) in Windows Live R&D (the only one in R&D worldwide)

 - Microsoft MVP Award (2008) and an inaugural two of the top 7 social media platform positions (the only one worldwide); the two globally commanding platforms are, and IT Manager Connection, highlighted at the Global MVP Summit and released in a news announcement with MS CEO Steve Balmer; where Ibaraki presented three times--Open Space session, Competency Session, Global User Group Summit

 - Microsoft MVP Award (2007) and an inaugural top 5 spotlight at the Global MVP Summit and released in a  news announcement with MS Chairman Bill Gates; plus concurrently featured in InsideTrack a MS publication (only two MVPs globally were in the top 5 and in InsideTrack in 2007)

 - Microsoft MVP Award (2006)

 - Invited Contributor to Microsoft Global IT Advisory Council and exclusive ITAC Last Mile Experience Executive Panel (2008-present); invitation-only council

 - Invited Senior Executive Leader to Global UG Summits in Redmond (2008-present). For example, UG summit September 2010 as Chief Officer Strategic Relations IP3, Global Board Director GITCA and founding Chairman, Global Board, GITCA.


 A sample of Stephen Ibaraki’s industry work includes:

 - ACM Practitioner Board Professional Development Committee [PDC], Chair; the Association for Computing Machinery is the world’s largest educational, scientific, professional organization well known for their Turing Awards (Nobel Prize of Computing)

 - Founding charter delegate Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations (FEAPO) and FEAPO Board Director, Co-chair communications committee

 - Appointed as Vice-Chair, International Advisory Board (IAB); Chair/moderator Enterprise Architecture Panel Session, for the first IFIP World CIO Forum (WCF-Nov 1-4, 2011). Participants are CEOs, CIOs, C-level Executives from the global Fortune 1000.

 - Invited advisor to Cisco; keynoting their sponsored conferences (100% rating) and contributing for their publications

 - Keynoting conferences in the US, Canada, Europe and advising Fortune 100 companies

 - Co-opted executive Board Director and Vice Chair, Past Senior Vice-President of Strategic Relations and currently Chief Officer Strategic Relations (2010-present); Founder and Chairman of the IP3 Global Industry Council (IP3-GIC) part of a UN-founded and UNESCO-consultative body, (20 directors representing organizations with 600B in market capitalization, 150B in revenues) and Stephen Ibaraki serving as Chief Officer Strategic Relations founding director (2010); invited Advisor to the IP3 Task Force (2007-present); Chief Business Development Officer (2008-2009); Co-Manager and invited consultant Business Plan (2009)—UN-founded International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) IP3 program for implementing a global IT profession; IFIP is the UNESCO consultative-body in IT consisting of members and affiliates in over 90 countries representing 1million IT influencers. In 2010, Stephen Ibaraki was appointed Senior Vice-President Strategic Relations then Chief Officer Strategic Relations for the UN-founded International Federation for Information Processing's (IFIP) International Professional Practice Partnership (IP3) which implemented a global certification and professionalism program in 2009. Stephen Ibaraki is “Founder” and a “Founding Director” member, Chairman to the Global Industry Council IP3-GIC), a first of its kind focusing on Computing as a Profession which will further enable the computing workforce manage change, make connections, gain meaningful recognition/skills/competencies; enhance standards and standards of practice; align computing with organizational strategy and business agility driving innovation, entrepreneurship, business growth, global GDP growth, and economic development. The formation of the IP3-GIC is widely supported including by the world’s largest computing alliance, GITCA, which is expected to surpass 1000 member organizations in 2011 representing 4-6 million computing professionals and business leaders. This is the first time industrythought leaders from Microsoft, Cisco, Google, Accenture, Infosys, ChinaValue, Avanade, and Stanford have come together in this fashion with Stephen Ibaraki being the catalyst for this historical inflection point. IP3 is part of a UN-founded, UNESCO-sanctioned body and as quoted from IP3 about the IP3-GIC: “Global Industry Council Directors are specially nominated and invited to serve within the UNESCO-sanctioned body as internationally recognized luminary executives,thought leaders, and visionaries and for their strong history of providing substantive contributions to global business, industry, society, education, and governments.”  “IP3 is establishing the IP3 Global Industry Council (IP3-GIC) as the principal forum within which leading ICT employers can engage with IP3 and influence the development of the global profession, identify and agree-upon standards, and nurture continuous improvement in alignment of those standards.” “It is the intention that IP3-GIC will be a prestigious organization comprised of recognized thought leaders from major organizations (both private and public sector) with acknowledged experience and expertise in information and communication technologies, and that an invitation and a subsequent seat will reflect the global third party validation that is only possible through a 50 year old body with UN roots.” Stephen Ibaraki is also invited to Chair the World Computing Congress IP3 panel discussion on “IT Professional Certification – what does Industry want & why” – “The Panel discussion will connect senior ICT luminaries from around the world to give their views on professional certification.” "Global GDP is 60 Trillion USD and computing is a catalyst for the expected growth to 80 Trillion USD in the next 10 years. IP3 and the IP3-GIC is a key step in enabling the future of computing powering business, industry, governments, academia, society, and much more."

 -  Founding Chairman of the Global Board for GITCA (2008-2009) and now serving as advisor and board director to the global board as past chair; GITCA, the world's largest alliance in IT, encompasses in 2011 more than 1000 member associations, societies, user groups, representing 5+ million senior executive, computing and business professionals in more than 100,000 corporations (majority of Fortune 2000 corporations), government agencies, academic institutions representing Trillions USD in resources, revenue, research and development, purchasing power.

 - National Board Director (2005-2006); Vice-President (2006-2007); Chairman and President of the National Board (2007-2008); invited Advisor and Board Director to the Office of the Executive Council as past chair (2008-present)—Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS). During Stephen Ibaraki’s Presidency, the Prime
Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper provided this message
: "I am pleased to extend my warmest greetings to everyone marking the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS), the professional association for information technology (IT) practitioners in Canada. This special milestone offers a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon past achievements, while setting goals for the future. Since 1958, CIPS has represented its membership on important issues affecting the IT industry and profession. The association has promoted high ideals of competence and ethical practices through certification, accreditation programs, and professional development. I would like to commend CIPS members for carrying out their responsibilities with integrity, expertise and professionalism. You may take pride in having earned the privilege of joining an organization that ensures its members merit the confidence and trust of those who engage professional IT services. Your efforts have made positive and lasting contributions to Canada’s economic growth and competitiveness. On behalf of the Government of Canada, please accept my best wishes for a memorable anniversary and continued success in the future.”  Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS)—official IT association for Canada and official member for Canada for the UN-founded, UNESCO-sanctioned IFIP body. Members are senior executives and business/computing professionals in 1000+ of the largest Canadian corporations, academic institutions, media organizations, and government organizations.Fortune 500 corporations are heavily represented. Since 1958, CIPS has helped strengthen the Canadian IT industry by establishing standards, best practices, and policies for governments, corporations, industry, and higher education. CIPS also offers: Professional Certification of IT professionals (I.S.P. and ITCP designations), Accreditation of IT university and college programs, a voice to government on issues and policies that affect the profession and industry. CIPS was at the founding of the Canadian Federal government ICT sector council which sets the direction for the whole ICT (Information, Communication, Technology) industry representing 180B in revenues, 15B in R&D investments, 40B in exports, 20B in capital xpenditures, 40 thousand corporations, and employing 1 million computing professionals. CIPS also works closely with all major industry associations including internationally.

Fellows profile:

In CIPS’ 50-year history, 22 have received the fellows’ recognition for outstanding contributions to the country, and IT industry. Stephen Ibaraki is a founding fellow of CIPS (FCIPS) as well as holding the highest leadership positions as Chairman of the National Board and President.

 - Vice-Chair (2005-2008); Board Director (2004, 2009-present); Publisher and Managing Editor NPA Journal (2005-Jan 2010); Contributing Editor (2005-present); Chair and Director Editorial Board (2005-present); Director Certification Board (2005-present); Chairman and Director of the College of Distinguished Fellows (2005-present); Awards for Professionalism Judge (2005—present)—Network Professional Association (NPA). The NPA database of members have purchasing power "Total of $1,607,851,000 of purchasing authority."

 - Board Director—Computers for Success (2006-present)

 - Invited to the Expert Panel for Canadian Business Magazine All-Star Execs Awards awarding the top executives from the best-performing corporations (2006-present)  

- Invited keynotes/presentations: Xephon Global Enterprise Conferences; SmartForce (Skillsoft) 18 global interactive webcasts; Comdex; Networld+Interop (Interop); World Computing Congress; ACCC National Council of IT Deans Summits (2 keynotes); Global MVP Summit; IFIP IP3; Career Education Conference; Massive Technology
Show; Cisco Academy Academic Conferences (3 keynotes); Global User Group Summit 

 - Founding Board Chairman, iGEN Knowledge Solutions (2000-present), international web, mobile, cloud computing development and strategic advisory company

 - Appointed Chairman of International Board (July 2010), Board Director, Vine Group (Jan 2010-present), the international financial services, investment banking, merchant banking group whose senior leaders manage, impact or work with organizations representing and through their membership organizational affiliations reaching Trillions in USD in assets, financial resources, economic productivity and output, revenues, market capitalization, purchasing power, investments, innovation, research and development  

- Chief Strategic Alliance and Strategy Officer, ChinaValue (2005-present), professional social network, professional social media, professional social network services, crowd sourced business intelligence, with over 600,000 registered members, researchers, writers; direct audience of 6 million; readership reach of 60 million; 2 millon
business entries in wikis, blogs, analysis; 25 sectors of industry market business intelligence.  

- Advisory Board, Neil Squire Society

 - Advisory Board, Prithvi Institute

 - Advisory Council, SECTOR conferences

 - Invited Executive Panel, McKinsey.

 “The McKinsey Quarterly Executive Panel asks selected executives their views on top business trends and on topics relevant to their functional area of expertise. This is a private group for McKinsey Executive Panel members only. We hope you'll use this space to connect with other members about survey results, new ideas for research, and much else.” The Executive Panel includes senior executives from 2000+ of the largest fortune 500 and fortune 2000 corporations and organizations.

 - Invited senior executive Gerson Lehrman Group; appointed Gerson Lehrman Scholar in 2006

 - Invited senior executive Society of Industry Leaders Vista Research Group (part of Standard and Poors); now called GuidePoint Global  

- Contributing global senior executive Forbes CIO Network forum

 - Invited member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM): professions board, professional development committee; member (2009), Chair of the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) Awards Committee and Chief SAO Judge at the Intel ISEF (2010)

 - Stephen Ibaraki's interviews, more than 400 since 2001, with world leaders (in business, industry, governments, academia, media, society), conducted for more than 20 years, appear in over 100 countries, with an audience reach in excess of 100 million (2010). A few examples include Alain Chesnais (ACM President 2010, 2011;
World Leader in Graphics Technology), Dame Wendy Hall (ACM President, Founder with Tim Berners Lee and others of the Web Science Initiative), Chuck Thacker (Turing Award -- Nobel Prize of Computing), Barbara Liskov (Turing Award -- Nobel Prize of Computing), Don Taspcott (co-author Wikinomics), Maria Klawe (College President of HMC, Microsoft Board Director), William Miller (Chairman and Entrepreneur; Silicon Valley Hall of Fame; Stanford Emeritus Professor in Business and Computing, and founder of the Computing Science program at Stanford), Guy Kawasaki (Venture Capitalist, Apple Fellow), Jack Messman (Venture Capitalist, founding Chairman of Novell), Eric Schmidt (interviewed three times), Kelly Gotlieb (continuing series with computing pioneer), Eric Brewer (ACM-Infosys Foundation Award), Jon Kleinberg (ACM-Infosys Foundation Award), Leon Strous (2010-2013 IFIP President), Steve Teicher (computing pioneer), Stephane Boisvert (President - Bell Canada Enterprise Group), Ross Mayfield (Serial Entrepreneur), Bruce Schneier (Secure Computing Lifetime Achievement Award), Marco Iansiti (author The Keystone Advantage, David Sanoff Professor at Harvard), Mark Gerson (Chairman of Gerson Lehrman),  Mike Stonebraker (Entrepreneur and Database icon), Rousbeh Yassini (Venture Capitalist, Founder of YAS Broadband Ventures and LANcity, CED Magazine Man of the Year), Warren McFarlan (Professor Emeritus Harvard), ...

 - Writer for The Mark


A sampling from his more than 100 awards, recognitions, contributions, roles include:

 - Appointed August 2011 at MS HQ in Redmond, first GITCA gpbal Fellow by GITCA Global Board and Microsoft for making “an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the computing profession, IT community, and/or the industry” – to be formally recognized at TechEd NA or TechEd EMEA

 - In 2009 and in 2010, in recognition of Stephen Ibaraki's influence, experience, lifetime achievements, global leadership roles, he was invited to be an ambassador for the People-to-People program founded by President Eisenhower and chaired by successive Presidents. "I have long believed, as have many before me, that
peaceful relations between nations requires understanding and mutual respect between individuals.
" President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Founder of People to People International

 - Advanced Technology Award (2008) for outstanding contributions to technology. Upon receiving his lifetime Advanced Technology Award in 2008, the leader of the opposition, Carole James provided her congratulations by noting, "I am pleased that you are being recognized for you advancements in technology." Premier Gordon Campbell provided this message to Stephen Ibaraki: “Congratulations on being honoured for your Advanced Technology Award...I understand that you have distinguished yourself in your field of endeavour by promoting pioneer efforts in technology and this award will recognize your considerable contributions with respect to the applications and adaptations of advanced technology to new uses. I commend you for your many achievements and thank you for your commitment to industry excellence. On behalf of the Province of British Columbia, please accept my warmest congratulations on this special occasion.”

 - Top 10 Technology Blogger ranking from Computer World (2008)

 - Elected founding Fellow (2006) for outstanding contributions to technology, the profession, and industry. Some of Ibaraki’s recognitions are provided in the CIPS Fellows profile. The citation reads: "The Fellow Membership is awarded to professionals in the Information Technology (IT) sector who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the profession or industry in Canada.  The Fellow is the highest class of membership offered by CIPS and can only be obtained with approval from the CIPS National Board of Directors. Only Fellow Members can nominate an individual for a Fellow Membership." (CIPS is the official representative for Canada to the UN-Founded International Federation for Information Processing [IFIP], the UNESCO consultative body for IT. CIPS is also a founding member of the IFIP IP3 initiative in establishing a global IT profession. GITCA and Microsoft support the IP3 initiative.)


- Elected founding Distinguished Fellow (2005) for outstanding lifetime contributions to the networking industry. As noted in the citation: "These professionals have been "uniquely" singled out for special distinction out of an estimated 50 million IT workers in business, government, education, and media in more than 100 countries. They are in the Global Hall of Fame for the industry."


- In the more than 30-year history of Computing Canada (now ComputerWorld) Ibaraki is the Sole recipient of the Computing Canada (now ComputerWorld) IT Leadership Lifetime Achievement Award (2005); In January 2006, Ibaraki was invited as writer, editorial column, Blogged Down due to the award. As noted in the January 2006 issue of CIPS Connections: 

The IT Leadership Awards program represents the highest of honours for the business technology industry with an estimated size of 500,000 to 800,000 professionals from business, industry, government, media, and education. "Stephen Ibaraki is the kind of person who runs directly into the fire, knowing there will be some good coming from the experience. During the course of his career as consultant, mentor, teacher and writer, Computing Canada's Lifetime Achievement honoree often worked 20 hours a day, seven days a week to advance the agenda of Canada's high-tech industry," said Patricia MacInnis,Computing Canada Editor. 

- Inaugural recipient of the Career Achievement Award for Professionalism, the global industry’s highest honour in 2002 after an extensive worldwide search leveraging the reach and resources of the award partners. The Award for Professionalism partners include: the Network Professional Association, Network Computing Magazine (CMP), Network World Magazine (IDG), Networld+Interop Conference (Las Vegas--now Interop), Microsoft, Pearson Publishing (Cisco Press), Global IT Community Association (GITCA), Novell, ... and more since 2002. As noted in the award citation:
"Canadian Stephen Ibaraki took home the highest honor as the recipient of the Best Networking Professional – Career Achievement Award. Ibaraki is chairman of iGEN Knowledge Solutions Inc. and senior faculty/head of research for Advanced Professional Programs at Capilano College. As a distinguished writer and speaker with a
career stretching over 35 years, Ibaraki has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Gary Hadford Professional Achievement Award, the highest of international IT awards, presented to him by the Canadian Information Processing Society." "Presiding over this year's NPA Awards for Professionalism were judges Jim Belasco, chairman, NPA board of directors; Chris Setz, president, NPA advisory board; Fritz Nelson, publisher, Network Computing Magazine; and John Gallant, editorial director , Network World Magazine." 


- IT Hero Award (2002) (reported widely) from the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) and the Federal Government Industry Canada

 - Widely reported in the media (Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province, BC Business Magazine, Business in Vancouver (BIV Search on Ibaraki), National Post, added National and Computing publications), Gary Hadford Award and induction into the CIPS Hall of Fame (2001).

Excerpted from the Vancouver Sun--

A natural with computers, he left a $1,000-an-hour consultancy to become a teacher [in the 1980s']…Stephen Ibaraki is a legend in the Canadian Information technology industry. He’s an author, teacher, lecturer, and chairman of iGEN Knowledge Solutions…his clients were the likes of the Canadian Office Products Association and Atomic Energy of Canada…At the same time, he continues to venture around the world—both in real life and virtually, in Webcasts over the Internet—as a consultant, writer, and keynote speaker…Last year, Ibaraki was given the Gary Hadford Professional Achievement Award by The Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS.) It’s awarded for integrity, professionalism and over-all contribution to the field…He also received the IT Hero Award from the International Technology Association of Canada, is a member of the CIPS Hall of Fame…A year after he started, he won an award for excellence in teaching…“We set up the first client/server lab in the country.”…
lone presenter at a 10-session IT conference in London England, sponsored by Xephon, a technical and market research organization that specializes in information systems for large companies…he produced 10 book-length manuscripts that were professionally bound and given to the participants...cost them something like $10,000...Lately, he discovered one of his books was being used by a major accounting firm to distribute to training centres. It had been brought to them by one of his former students. Rather than be miffed at this use of his work, Ibaraki is cheered by it…“We have students working at Microsoft in Redmond and Pivotal and Crystal here. We have some of them consulting in Europe…That really is the purpose, isn’t it; to facilitate their dreams and help them meet their needs?”


 Stephen Ibaraki is the first Canadian to concurrently and repeatedly receive the Top Three IT/Business Honours (International, Canadian, and from a Corporation) profiled in news stories in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.

 For more information, perform a Bing search on Stephen Ibaraki.










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