Common Windows Shortcuts

I received the follow post from Adam Cole and thought that it might be interesting from an IT Manager point of view. In reading through the document that Adam provided, I found that there were several shortcuts that didn't know about and certainly made it quicker to navigate around some of these programs without having to resort to the mouse.

This might be something you want to share with your teams.


Here is a handy reference on shortcuts for several common Windows applications.

I was performing some training a while back on Excel. After the training I was intrigued to discover that almost everybody kept a copy of the handout, "Excel Shortcuts", readily available. In fact a few people sent me links to other similar reference documents and others asked that I expand the handout beyond Excel. The attached document is the result.

Let me know if you find it useful. Let me know if you have your own favorite productivity tips - I will include them with a reference to you. Let me know if you would like to be notified when this document is updated.

Adam Cole

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  1. jointer says:

    As a teacher of office and windows, etc. this is a great collection to give as a handout/ready reference. I can see me printing it out, laminating it and using it myself!


    Graham Jones

    GJ Computer Education Services

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