Microsoft is Listening and Responsive and is Now Topping the List as Most Respected

Last year, CIM co-host John Oxley initiated an innovative program by providing this open forum for Canadian IT Managers. Then he invited everyone to participate and share. The common theme is community and collaboration with IT Managers and IT Pros and to support your efforts.

It is this kind of thinking, from the ground-up, that places Microsoft now in the top-ranks in reputation. Recently reported in the Wall Street Journal from a survey of global opinion leaders circulated at the recent World Economic Forum "certain companies rank high in their home markets -- Toyota Motor in Japan, Samsung Electronics in Korea, Siemens in Germany, International Business Machines in the U.S. But the reputation of one company was on the rise throughout the world: Microsoft".

Moreover, Microsoft is ranked "first" in media research firm Delahaye's index of corporate reputations.

The work of John and Barnaby Jeans and the growing list of contributors to this forum is an indicator of Microsoft's outreach initiative to engage, share, and talk with you. I like the leadership position they are taking and I believe it's a forerunner of even more good things to come. We all share the same vision and it's good to work together.

Thank you,
Stephen Ibaraki

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