Are you watching, “The Code Room”?

I found it entertaining and still informative from an "overview" perspective. Something you would want as an IT manager - enough technical depth to give you a picture of the issues without getting bloated with the details. So how about adding the 1/2 hour show, "The Code Room" to your viewing schedule. The internet TV program exposes you to the latest tools and technologies for tackling real-world software development issues using an acted out scenario format--part show, reality TV, and technology showcase in one.

Episode 3 illustrates how hackers can comprise a system and the need for security in your development life cycle.

Episode 2: Four experts on Windows Embedded, Compact Framework, and ASP.NET are challenged with building a fully functioning kiosk that can be accessed from a Bluetooth phone application to search for products available in the mall and then use the phone to take a picture of the product and send it to the users MSN Spaces site.

Episode 1: Inside an intercity warehouse sits a desk, a laptop, and a few partially charged batteries. Three attendees are taken to The Code Room by host Jessi Knapp, following a free developer seminar and asked to complete a complex software challenge. With limited battery power, they must achieve the impossible - design and develop an ecommerce website in just a few hours.

Thank you and have fun!
Stephen Ibaraki

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