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We have talked about AJAX and ATLAS a couple of times already in this blog, but I thought I would include a link to a podcast that Burton Group published talking about AJAX.

Burton Group, the only IT research firm focused on in-depth analysis of enterprise infrastructure technologies, launches "Inflection Point", a complimentary podcast series from its analysts and consultants. "Inflection Point" podcasts are available for download at http://inflectionpoint.burtongroup.com.

About Burton Group
Burton Group (www.burtongroup.com) helps technologists make smart enterprise architecture decisions in increasingly complex environments. Burton Group is an IT research and advisory services firm focused on offering in-depth analysis of infrastructure technologies relating to security, identity management, Web services and service-oriented architecture, and network and telecom. Burton Group's corporate roots are anchored in an uncompromising allegiance to the enterprise technologist and grow far outside the shadow of vendor agendas. This independence stems from Burton Group's mission to produce honest, meaningful research -- created by technologists, for technologists.

One of the interesting things that they mention in the podcast is the fact that while the term AJAX is the new and current buzz, the technologies behind it have been available for quite some time.

One of the benefits of AJAX, is that you can start to implement it in your existing websites and applications as you are modifying them. The technologies required are already in place, so it is more a matter of learning the development model, than deploying new technologies.

And remember, podcast doesn't mean iPod, these podcasts can be listened to on your PC, Windows Mobile device, or virtually any mp3 player.


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