Interview with Peter Grant, I.S.P.: CIO of the BC Securities Commission

From the interview archives...

What’s the best way to achieve an objective? I believe it is by modeling others who have reached a particular goal you want to achieve. You want to be a top-level executive then listen to the views of senior CIO, Peter Grant.

What’s the best way to learn about key factors affecting IT leaders? It helps to examine a leader who is in the trenches and has a strong history of successes. Again Peter, provides valuable insights.

Have a look at this interview with Peter where he answers a variety of questions about:

  • His extensive background;
  • Top lessons for success;
  • Top leadership and management tips;
  • His goals and priorities as CIO;
  • A useful story;
  • Three areas of interest to IT Pros: project management, cost reduction, business alignment

Thank you,
Stephen Ibaraki

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