Well Deserved – Microsoft’s Partner Program Takes Top Spot for Two Straight Years

I have to hand it to Microsoft. They are taking some bold steps and they are all in the right direction. For example, look at this Canadian IT Managers forum initiated by John Oxley where all manner of items are discussed and an open discussion is invited. You have to respect that.

And now according to a study by IDC, for two years in a row and in a comparison with the 25 leading software vendors, the Microsoft Partner Program takes the top spot. Take a minute to listen to the interview with Ilya Bukshteyn or Joe Horvath and you can see why. So I take my hat off to Microsoft for getting things right however they are not stopping this continual striving. Microsoft is listening and working hard to improve.

From the article in ENTNews:
Microsoft continues to deliver on the phased rollout of its completely reengineered Partner Program that was launched in January 2004," the IDC competitive analysis report states. "Additional investment is being put toward improving partner infrastructure, including extending and infusing more value into engagement and business planning capabilities…Steve Graham, group vice president of global software business strategies at IDC, says the analyst firm's methodology recognized Microsoft for the Microsoft Partner Program's structure, especially the competency framework; the scope of partner relationships; and Microsoft's ability to deliver on promises.

Well done!

Thank you,
Stephen Ibaraki

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