Virtualization: Worth Putting onto Your Agenda

I was interviewed for the January 20th issue of ComputerWorld Canada on software trends and just received a request for an interview from NetWorld Canada on server virtualization. So, I thought, why not blog about virtualization in a broader sense and find a good reference link for IT managers.

I feel it makes sense to strategize for it, if you have not implemented some form of virtualization already. It definitely saves time, “server sprawl”, eases testing and deployment scenarios, allows quick and secure client provisioning, and simplifies storage management. You can also save on licensing costs too.

Chris Wolf provides a good article for IT managers in the January 2006 issue of Redmond magazine providing several real-world solution-based scenarios detailing where virtualization can be used and how. The coverage is quite broad including: a definition of virtualization; using Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 for testing CRM solutions; Microsoft VM licensing advantages; provisioning laptops with confidential data including controlling at-home VPN connections using VMWare's ACE; simplifying storage management using Pillar Axiom; a discussion of in-band versus out-of-band storage virtualization; a look at the promise of Microsoft's Longhorn Server and Virtual Server 2005 R2.

I feel it’s well worth the read providing a road-map for your virtualization considerations.

Thank you,
Stephen Ibaraki

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