MS CRM 3.0 Offers Compelling Benefits – A podcast with Joe Horvath

John did a post a few weeks ago about MS CRM 3.0. It shipped on schedule which is a great sign and it offers many new options to businesses.
 In a recent chat with CRM expert Joe Horvath, I found there were significant benefits and solutions offered by this update. It competes effectively with all other CRM offerings.
 Joe is a co-founder of iFusion Solutions Inc. a multiple award winning top 3 CRM provider. He expounded so much on its value that I decided to interview him on the MS CRM 3.0 product. His group has considerable expertise in mapping business process highlighting paths for efficiency/cost improvements, and adding new revenue/profits using CRM.
 Here’s the direct link to the interview and to an interview page containing both a link to the interview and a “time index (mm:ss): topics list”. We had some fun with the interview so there are outtakes which I may post in the future.
 Send me an e-mail if you have questions for Joe or better yet comment here in this forum. I have asked Joe to answer your questions.
 Thank you,

Comments (3)

  1. Stephen Ibaraki says:


    Can you delve deeper into your case studies…What specific problems were they having, what were they doing before, and how have they been addressed now with MS CRM 3.0?

    I have been getting questions on this.

    Thank you,

    Stephen Ibaraki

  2. says:

    Good interview. I’ve added a link to it from by blog.

  3. Stephen Ibaraki;;604.812.5717 says:

    Thank you John for your comments here and for providing a link from you fine blog. And I thank all the others who have sent e-mails. Joe’s answers to the latest round of questions can be found at:

    I’ll let Joe know when he’s back from vacation that you setup a link from your blog.

    All the best to all,

    Stephen Ibaraki

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