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When John invited me to join him and Barnaby in this blog I agreed for a number of reasons: John has taken a bold move to engage with you which I respect and he has so many great ideas to connect us even further; I can bring in viewpoints from IT professional groups and experts as an independent volunteer. Think of me as one "your" links in this collaborative forum. In this role, I want to hear your ideas, your suggestions so I’m going to give you my e-mail address too: sibaraki@cips.ca

As one example, I have several interviews in the works which will appear as text and audio links. However, give me your interviewee and question suggestions. Who do you want to hear from and what would you like to know?

Let’s connect in this forum, at conferences, and by e-mail. If you want to sit down and chat when I’m in your area or you are in mine then send me an e-mail so we can connect. What are your stories, your challenges, your solutions, how can I work for you in this forum?

It has been a lot of fun...

Thank you,

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