Stephen Ibaraki – recipient of the 2005 IT Leadership Lifetime Achievement Award!

Wow, great things happen while your away.  As you know, I've been offline for the last week and when I came back it was to some great news!  My friend and co-blogger Stephen Ibaraki was announced as the recipient of the "2005 IT Leadership: Lifetime Achievement Award.  Now that is really great news!!

Congratulations Stephen, it nice to see someone that gives so much get recognized. 

The official announcement was formally delivered in Computing Canada (CC)  December 16th, 2005 issue. This is not a lightweight award, the IT Leadership Awards represent the highest of honours for the business technology industry with an estimated size of 500,000 to 800,000 professionals from business, industry, government, media, and education.  As I've written in the past recognition is really important in our industry and very necessary as it helps as a catalyst to keep those that break new barriers excited and energized.   I captured some comment on this award from some past web announcements to give you some background, "The CC awards in association with CIPS were created to recognize the achievements of IT professionals whose ideas and works have made a positive impact on their organizations".  This really has me smiling as I can't wait to see what Stephen has in store!

Thanks CC and CIPS,  I couldn't think of a better person to recognize!

2005 IT Leadership: Lifetime Achievement Award

Stephen... Way to go!!

your friend,


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  1. Derek Nobuyuki Wallace says:

    With an amazing career to date –full of great accomplishments– this award is well deserved!

    Congrats Stephen!

  2. Anthony says:

    Congratulation to you Stephen; your dedication and contribution to the industry has resulted in this award being given to you. Well done and keep on trucken!!

  3. Nancy Linka says:

    Congratulations and well deserved! Quite an achievement.

    I caught your talk at Comdex in Vegas on web services. You gave us a great roadmap which we implemented. I meant to thank you at the time. So, here’s another chance to do this. Thank you Stephen.

  4. Stephen Ibaraki says:

    John thank you for you kind words and to those in this forum for your thoughtful comments.

    Moreover, thank you to everyone for the countless e-mails, IMs, phone calls regarding the award. It’s all very much appreciated and quite humbling.

    However, it’s also about teamwork and collaboration, and I could not have done it without the support of so many so a special thank you to all who I have/will work with past, present, and future.

    Best regards,


  5. thomas says:

    A fine achievement for a long career. Well deserved.

  6. Mark says:

    really the best professor i ever had. many took computing because of his reputation. there are so many stories, stephenisms. one told me about her class wanting assembler so he goes out, writes book on it in two weeks and then gives extra classes so they would have assembler. he would create all this material and give it to his students. even tell us to put our names on it if it would help them in their careers. i came across one of these books, this time on networking being used by a big company for all their clients. yup his name "not" on it but it’s his material. it’s good to see stephen get this recognition. so well deserved!

  7. carsten says:

    Congratulations Stephen! I have been following your career for quite some time. Well deserved!

  8. JK says:

    Well done Steve and well deserved! We used your enterprise design templates published by Novell on their site about 15 years ago. They saved us more than a million by our estimates and you provided them for free. Just amazing you would do this! So its good to see you getting the recognition you deserve.

  9. sam says:

    Great job and great career!

  10. Stephen Ibaraki says:

    I appreciate all the fine comments and the support. Thank you!

    Just a heads-up that I’ll be interviewing the winners in other categories so stay tuned. They represent such a fine group of professionals who have so many valuable insights to share. So let’s continue to share, collaborate, and learn from each other. I’m certaintly having a lot of fun here and I know my co-hosts are enjoying this too!

    One last note. The continuing e-mails are quite humbling. Again thank you and I wish you all the best and much success.

    Best regards,

    Stephen Ibaraki

  11. Anonymous says:

    Stephen Ibaraki I.S.P. is a 35+ year veteran of Business and IT and serves the Canadian Information Processing…

  12. Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS,I.S.P., says:

    I usually respond to each note. Sorry for the delay. Derek, I appreciate your comments and the e-mail exchanges. I wish you a fine year in the far east, and your work on new innovations and your current product development.


    Stephen Ibaraki

  13. Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS,.I.S.P., says:


    Thank you for taking the time to write. I will keep on "trucken" 🙂


    Stephen Ibaraki

  14. Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS,.I.S.P., says:


    When I was invited to speak at the last Comdex in Vegas, it represented a unique time in IT. It was the end of the Comdex magic since it hasn’t reappeared since however it was also the beginning of the Web Services boom which in many ways is the catalyst for SaaS, Web 2.0, Microsoft innovations. I’m glad the talk was of use. I wrote a paper which appeared with Xephon the following year and later with the NPA on the same topic and gave related presentations to many companies who requested it afterwards. I knew it would build out further. Don’t you just love this business–the change makes it fun!


    Stephen Ibaraki

  15. Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS,I.S.P., says:

    Thomas, I appreciate the kind words.


    Stephen Ibaraki

  16. Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS,I.S.P., says:


    I believe teaching is one of the greatest professions and I was proud to serve my students. Thank you for your words. I retired from teaching in 2004 (officially Jan 2005) however I will always be one in my heart and soul. I was flown into the US a while back to provide advice to a major group. They asked, how would you identify yourself: IT architect, Chairman, Director, Technology expert,…? I replied, "I’m a teacher."


    Stephen Ibaraki

  17. Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS,I.S.P., says:


    Thank you for your kind words. For you and everyone here in the CIM, always free to dialogue if you want to discuss something, my e-mail and phone number are readily available in this forum.


    Stephen Ibaraki

  18. Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS,I.S.P., says:


    I’m glad the design templates were of use. It was an interesting time when Novell had 70% of the market. I used to dialogue with their architects and chairman including Eric Schmidt who I interviewed. Eric finally left to go to Google. History is strange some times!


    Stephen Ibaraki

  19. Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS,I.S.P., says:


    Thank you for taking the time to be here in the CIM.


    Stephen Ibaraki

  20. Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS,I.S.P., says:

    Here’s the interview with Dennis McPeak, a leader with the Computing Canada, Project Team of the Year Award:


    Stephen Ibaraki

  21. Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS,I.S.P., says:

    Here’s the interview with Ben Grebinski, recipient of the Computing Canada, IT Executive of the Year Award:

    As a retired teacher, his words struck a chord with me.


    Stephen Ibaraki

  22. Anonymous says:

    You often see customer relationship management software in reference to business outreach and customers…

  23. Anonymous says:

    Stephen Ibaraki I.S.P. is a 35+ year veteran of Business and IT and serves on the National Board Executive

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