Good news for IT Profits and Jobs

After feeling the pinch of the IT slowdown for the last six years, I'm glad to hear some good news. This means better times for you IT managers.

IT hiring is up 4% across the country with demand as high as 100% in Montreal, 79% in Edmonton and 60% in Vancouver and the strongest 3rd quarter in the past 3 years. And as you have seen in the blog posts here, the market is hot for combined business and IT skills. You’ll find more at this link.

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  1. evelyn says:

    Thank you for your posting, which in addition to your recent posting (Dr. Maria Klawe interview), addresses in part the concerns of young people who are considering their future educational path.

  2. Stephen Ibaraki says:

    There’s a good post from John about a direct correlation between productivity and investment in IT:

    The correction has finished from the dot com bust, and we are on the upswing again. And, there’s a focus on professionalism which means there will be a move for increased credentialing. The CIPS I.S.P. as the only legislated professional designation is a good example. It’s all good news for IT managers.

    Thank you,


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