Life Balance…. tough but worthwhile

Today I'm off for a few weeks as my wife is about to give birth to our new child on monday.  It all seems so planned and matter of fact as she is having a Ceserian bith.   I'm looking forward to the time spent with my family yet I know as a manager nobody does my job while I'm away.   I think I have a good plan in place and I've delegated different roles to my team and my boss as well as my peers are handling any escallations.  I'm a firm believer in family first and I aways convery that message to my team.   I guess, it's time for me to lead by example.  In the past I have tried the superman role and even just walking away.  None of that has worked and now I'm trying something new, asking for help.  It has taken a lot of time for me and planning with my team to get to this point where I feel that I can leave the shop in good hands!   While,  I'm not looking forward to my email when I get back, I do have confidence that everything that I could plan for is taken care of and I know my team can handle what comes up.   How do you handle the workload while you're away?

I'll leave you in Stephen's and Barnaby's hands for the next week and tell you how it went when I get back.

talk to you soon,


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  1. Stephen Ibaraki says:


    It’s good to see you are putting family first. I have learned after nearly 30 years as a parent that this is the way it should be.

    I look forward to talking with you and continuing this ongoing dialogue when you get back. And do not worry!

    Please take care.


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