Ballmer Pledges Millions to Canadians at Can>Win 2005

As a long-time educator, this is my hot button—funding: through software donations, support for research, teacher and curriculum development. I applaud this move by Microsoft to provide $4.5M for partnerships with Canadian schools and community organizations through the Microsoft Programs: Partners in Learning and Unlimited Potential.

Ballmer also spoke on another topic that I believe in, using IT to increase productivity and the potential of software to solve business and data management problems.  You have seen several blog posts on this theme too!

In this great article from, Tim Lougheed quotes Ballmer, “I know there’s a big dialogue here in Ottawa about prosperity and productivity and the Canadian economy. I do believe that investment in information technology has been key to productivity advances where they’ve occurred in most parts of the world…It’s software that’s going to be key to changing the way people communicate and collaborate.”


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