Are we turning a corner – Microsoft Ships CRM 3.0 on Schedule

I love seeing this, especially when it's recognized throughout the technical community.  Being a manager that is not in Redmond; sometimes it's hard to see the impact of how we have evolved our development cycle.   For us to ship this on time is another example that we are getting better at being predictable.  I know that there will be some challenges along the way and lessons to be learned, yet from a microsoft perspective it feels like our company is turning a corner.  Being responsive to customers, delivering relevant solutions and predictability to IT managers will be key to organizations that use our software and our success.   As in some of our other posts we've highlight that technology is a tool and people drive business success. 

Check out this article on CRM 3.0 by Stuart J. Johnston for a quick external review of the new product:


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  1. D. Mark says:

    I just have not seen it anywhere so I would like to hear more.

  2. stephen says:


    Great post and it ties into the interview I’m doing with Joe Horvath of iFusion which will appear here in two weeks. They won the Impact Award for CRM for 2005.

    We talked for some time about 3.0, and talk about passion — my ears were hot and I got excited over all its business benefits too. And Joe should know since he worked for Pivotal for years as a Sales Consultant. "There is NOTHING out there that can touch 3.0 for its ability to drive productivity, improve efficiency, and enhance business operations all with the ease of use not found in other products." Since the product launch, his funnel has risen 1 million in new business — all within about a week. "It’s better than the competition by far!", according to Joe. "Especially how it ties into Outlook natively."

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