Microsoft IT Showcase

Have you checked out the Microsoft IT Showcase?  I think it pretty cool and shows how we use and test our technology in our IT enviroment.   It gives IT professionals a unique, insider view into Microsoft's process of developing, deploying, and managing its own enterprise solutions. Here you will find technical case studies, white papers, presentations and more, direct from Microsoft IT, that highlight Microsoft's key business applications, deployment strategies, early adopter experiences, best practices, and initiatives. 

Check it out @ How Microsoft Does IT

Perhaps we could take are IT conversations and talk to some of the people in redmond that manage the solutions.

hmm.... now that might be interesting.

have a great weekend,


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  1. Stephen Ibaraki says:


    These are useful since they provide a solution roadmap and a look ahead which is what I’m always asked for: "How do I keep on top of things using the experiences of others who have tried it? Why reinvent the wheel?" I have sent this link to several managers already.

    And compliance areas are always a hot topic area within CIPS. I noticed there’s a download available on this …



  2. Stephen Ibaraki says:


    Your interview thought–it’s a great idea. Having these working professionals and experts giving us "from the front lines" realworld best practices would be of high value. Let’s do them!


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