Working Together in a Professional Ecosystem Sharing Value and Ideas

John, thank you for providing an introduction to the IT manager community in this unique and very special forum you have initiated.

Your extensive background, considerable experience, and accumulated wisdom in working and collaborating with IT Managers are an invaluable resource to the IT Pro community. In addition, you and Barnaby, bring a wealth of talent, demonstrated long history of successes, and a strong service commitment to this endeavour.

I am looking forward to engaging with you, Barnaby, and the IT managers in this forum, collectively and individually. The key here is to provide opportunities for all and for sharing in this collaborative ecosystem. So we will enter into a dynamic dialogue, discussing all matter of topics and bring in the viewpoints of others like you. Increasingly it’s an integrated environment with local, regional, national, and international interactive realities intertwining business / client needs, competitive advantage and strategy, governance, compliance, and technology. We will embrace this new economy by incorporating an added world or holistic view.  I often do interviews with regional, national and global experts [more than 220 since 2001] and we will share their words, their experiences with you too. Sometimes the topics may be for the entire IT community and at other times they could be for you as individuals. The thrust throughout is to maintain a dialogue with you and to meet your four primary needs as outlined by John in his post.

John and Barnaby each provide one perspective and I will bring another one based upon my experiences with the broad communities of IT practitioners that I am affiliated with such as: the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS), the international Network Professional Association (NPA), and Culminis. However, I want to make it clear that the comments and opinions expressed are mine alone--I am not the voice for these groups in this forum.
So, we will disagree and agree at times. This is a new experience for us, and for many of you too in this new kind of forum so let us learn and grow together.

Hey, maybe this is that start of an IT-version of a five-way Ebert and Roeper kind of partnership—you, John, Barnaby, myself, and our regional/international experts--so two thumbs up!

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you! And now to the next post…


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