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I have been thinking quite a bit about your recent feedback on how and in what fashion we can better connect Canadian IT Managers with this forum.  I know that we need a dynamic conversation and as such, I've realized that having other experienced perspectives adds to this dialogue.  Bringing in these other perspectives can enhance the current approach by addressing the four key areas that I'm hearing from you.  You’ve told me that the following is really important to get right to as your time is the most precious and limited currency you have to spend.

  1. Help me stay ahead of my customers/team and keep me informed with the right amount of information that is applicable to me, my team and company.
  2. Provide me information in my context and make it applicable to my size of organization… whether it is 20 desktops or 100,000
  3. I know that other people have similar problems, sharing how they were solved would be beneficial and will save me time.
  4. Talk about capabilities and how the solution solves the problem not the features and functionality.

I’ve found that we can be even more effective with an addition to Microsoft's or John Oxley’s perspective.   While I have much to comment on and am never short for words, to achieve the goal of serving IT Managers-- this conversation need to be a forum which is facilitated by an ecosystem of partners.   I really believe that it needs to provide a connection to a community of relevant, credible and interesting people that are committed to helping IT managers and their businesses reach their potential.  A place that focuses on people and their potential and not their fears.  To make this happen, I’ve asked a well respected member of the IT community, “Stephen Ibaraki” and my colleague Barnaby Jeans to join me in this forum.  I’m really excited about this future collaboration!

I’ll leave it to both of my new partners to introduce themselves and share their thoughts with you on this endeavour in another post. 

I am really happy that both of these gentlemen are involved.  I want to call out Stephen’s involvement and I’m sure that he’s not a stranger to many.  I know many of you already recognize him from his accomplishments and achievements.  Stephen (ISP, CNP, DFNPA) was introduced to me just a few month ago and we connected right away as we both feel strongly about IT and the strength of community.   I have to say that I was a little intimated when I read his bio. I thought that I had many roles my career and when I looked at what he’s done and experienced, it was pretty extensive.  I’m really looking forward to see what can happen, as he has some great ideas on how we can share information, stories and connect IT managers across Canada.

Please join me in welcoming Stephen Ibaraki and Barnaby Jeans to this forum!



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