Information for your Architects: Microsoft Architecture Journal

I thought that this information would be of interest to everyone either to use or pass on to your architects.  I have read a few of the inital publications and they seem to be a pretty comprehensive and insightful.  Authors, both from inside Microsoft and from the community at large share their stories, lessons and ideas to the discussion.

The Journal highlights whats new, drives thought leadership and provide Microsofts Architectural perspective.  Since the journal was created a few years ago, the Journal has since grown by leaps and bounds. I'm told that there is over 10,000 print subscritions.  The Journal gives anyone interested in architecture. a perspective on how Customers and partners are making their applications run better on the Microsoft platform.  

You can order your own copy by signing up for a free subscription at the



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  1. Stephen Ibaraki says:


    A valuable journal and one that I recently recommended.


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