Tech Shortfall stalls Canadian productivity

I noticed this article in Monday’s Globe and Mail (Tech Shortfall stalls Canadian productivity) and thought it worthwhile to share.  Productivity is really becoming of importance especially in Canada when companies look to compete globally.  The company example in article highlights the challenge.  Up until now it seems that it has been more of a…


Working Together in a Professional Ecosystem Sharing Value and Ideas

John, thank you for providing an introduction to the IT manager community in this unique and very special forum you have initiated. Your extensive background, considerable experience, and accumulated wisdom in working and collaborating with IT Managers are an invaluable resource to the IT Pro community. In addition, you and Barnaby, bring a wealth of…


A Relevant Forum for Canadian IT Managers

I have been thinking quite a bit about your recent feedback on how and in what fashion we can better connect Canadian IT Managers with this forum.  I know that we need a dynamic conversation and as such, I’ve realized that having other experienced perspectives adds to this dialogue.  Bringing in these other perspectives can enhance…


Information for your Architects: Microsoft Architecture Journal

I thought that this information would be of interest to everyone either to use or pass on to your architects.  I have read a few of the inital publications and they seem to be a pretty comprehensive and insightful.  Authors, both from inside Microsoft and from the community at large share their stories, lessons and ideas to the discussion….


EXCHANGE 12 will only be 64 bit!

I know I mentioned it on a previous post, yet I really had to call this out indivdually as it is an important landmark and really shows our commitment to 64 bit.  We will be shipping one of the most important applicaiton to microsoft and the industry as email is the core of electroic communications in 64-bit mode…


Our CTO Ray Ozzie has started Blogging on spaces.

Microsoft’s new Chief Technology Officer Ray Ozzie has started blogging.  In his first post he outlines how he’s going go approach this new blog.  It’s great to hear that the focus is to “reply and converse with you in a manner that scales.”  Check it out @


Microsoft Launches Windows Desktop Search for the Enterprise

A lot of you have been asking when it was going to happen and now it has!  Windows Desktop Search is now enabled for the enterprise.  The latest version of Windows Desktop Search (WDS) is optimized with features that help the enterprise IT manager easily customize, deploy and manage the installation of desktop search across…


Its time to reduce the Datacenters footprint

If you haven’t been thinking about 64 bit computing and virtualization and how it will fit into your environment then now is the time to do it.  I know from my experiences that there are so many 32 bit servers on the datacenter floors and with industry reports showing server utilization rates as low as…