Clarity on my SQL in the enterprise post

I've gotten a question regarding one of my previous posts on SQL in the enterprise.  It seems that I really wasn't to the point.  To ensure clarity, my comment "this is not your basic database and with great capability comes the need to ensure you properly architect a solution that fits your needs." was more about solution approach vs. product architecture. 

If you are looking to replace any mission critical application database with SQL, it’s not just the product that is going to make the solution successful.  You have to design a solution that builds in similar operational controls, database design and build on the technical skills that you use to manage your current environment.  Bottom line is - You can’t manage and design a mission critical application from the same context as you do with a departmental app.  I thought this was important to highlight as in my previous post the manager that I was speaking with uses SQL in a departmental fashion that is managed with a limited set of operational controls and impacts a limited set of people.  His team that focuses on SQL does not have the same experience as the team that manages some of the cross organizational applications.   His comment on how this was going too fundamentally change the way people are using our database was more from an adoption perspective.  From our conversation his perspective was, now that our product capabilities have grown and we have organizations more broadly delivering solutions on the database (referenced article), managers and organizations will be looking equally to SQL as they have other database products across the enterprise. 

Thanks for the feedback!  I'm still learning about this form of communication and when sharing stories, conversations and insight your feedback is appreciated to make sure we can continue to make this conversation dynamic. 

To that point I hope to have a surprise for this forum to announce next week!


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