More IT Camps – Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8

We've had a great response to the IT Camps we've been delivering over the last few months.  These deeply technical, hands on, scenario based training sessions have focused more on the real day to day of someone in IT, so it's no surprise that we've sold out every IT Camp we've run.

You and your teams have given us some great feedback along the way about things like our scenarios, the locations we run camps and the products we focus on.  The feedback is amazing, please keep it coming!

In response to your feedback, we're adding a new product focus to our IT Camp format: Windows 8.  You can read more about the approach, sign up for one of our first two camps, or vote for where the other two camps will be on our Windows 8 IT Camp blog post.

We also have a few more Windows Server 2012 IT Camps we'll run to make sure we can visit some of those cities we promised before the holidays.  Make sure to sign up for these or the Windows 8 IT Camps soon, space fills up fast!

Edmonton - February 15

Winnipeg - March 7

St. John's - March 15


I'm sure you're also wondering what else we have planned for the rest of the calendar year.  In the next few months, we plan to deliver another new technology area for IT Camps. 


We've heard a lot about the impact of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and the Consumerization of IT on your business.  Our new IT Camps will tackle BYOD and help set you and your teams up for success when it comes to securing and managing those devices.  They're going to be pretty amazing. 

These new IT Camps will combine the best features of products like Windows Intune, System Center 2012 SP1 and Windows Server 2012.  We even have pieces that touch on Windows Azure and Windows 8.  When Pierre, Anthony and Mitch took me through the camp content it blew my mind!  For me, getting to see the picture of how we can address a very real pain point and make help make the day to day easier with a complete end to end offering brought a tear to my eye. 

While we're waiting for those new IT Camps, we have some other training options that you and your teams can attend.  Just like IT Camps, these are no-cost and the nice thing is they scale in a big way, because they're online.  We have a collection of online training called JumpStarts, you can read more about the ones we have coming up, as well as those we've recorded (and are available on demand). 

In addition, you can take online courses on products like Windows 8, SQL 2012 and Windows Server 2012 as well as technology areas like Virtualization and the Private Cloud.  You can see more at Microsoft Virtual Academy.

Keep the great feedback coming and we'll make sure we keep delivering great in person and online experiences for you and your teams that truly impact your day to day.

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