Speakers & Topics You Can’t Miss–Security Education Conference Toronto Oct 1- 3, 2012 MTCC Toronto

SecTor is less than three weeks away and our speaker line-up is better than ever!

Once again we're bringing the world's leading security professionals to Toronto. The second round of speakers has just been announced. Three are listed below, but be sure to check out the schedule to see all the keynotes, sessions and activities, and register today.

Three more reasons to attend SecTor...

Michael PerklinMichael Perklin is a Senior Investigator within the Corporate Investigations department of Rogers Communications and will provide attendees with key digital investigation techniques to acquire, process, analyze and report on data. In his session 'Anti-Forensic Techniques and Countermeasures' Michael will discuss techniques that criminals can use to throw wrenches into each of these steps in order to disrupt an investigation, and how they can even force evidence to be excluded from litigation. Come learn about Anti-Forensic techniques, and the countermeasures that mitigate them.

Ryan'Hey, I just middled you, and this is crazy 'But, here's your password. Reset it, maybe? Everyone thinks they know about the Man in the Middle. Most places think as long as they have SSL, they're immune. Attackers know better. Join Ryan Linn, Senior Consultant with Trustwave's SpiderLabs as he demonstrates the implications of Man in the Middle vulnerability that go beyond the 101.

Kellman MeghuHead of Security Engineering (Canada and Central US) for Check Point Software Technologies Inc., Kellman Meghu will bring some humor to SecTor with his keynote 'How NOT to do Security: Lessons Learned from the Galactic Empire'. Kellman will critique the Lucas Film epic, from the perspective of a security audit - it's sure to be an enlightening discussion on security policies and procedures.

Visit www.SecTor.ca for more information and the complete line up of speakers and sessions including four unique security training sessions taking place October 1st.

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