Wishing all a Happy Holiday and Rewarding New Year in 2011—Thank You for Your Support!

Another year has passed with over 60 blogs including more than 50 interviews by year-end. I am into my third decade in doing interviews - to share insights, best practices from working professionals and experts. The blogging and interviews represent my way of giving back to the industry since I donate the time and I resource the interviews. Each interview takes between 20 to 40 hours to research and produce each week.  I need to thank the Editorial Team for the interviews led by Chief Editor, Evelyn Tobler for their many contributions throughout the year—her team of professionals makes the editorial process possible.

In addition, I want to thank Microsoft Canada’s IT Evangelists led by John Oxley for their superb support in making this year possible. Take the time to get to know John’s team—you see their work and profiles in the Microsoft blogs and Microsoft tours. What many people do not know is that John’s team is the best in the world and they really enjoy connecting with you! Ruth is the team lead for IT Manager Connection and she makes my contributions possible—thank you Ruth.

Amongst John’s team, Damir has been particularly stellar! No matter what time of day or the question, he responds typically in minutes to my queries. How is this possible?

Finally, I wish to thank the MVP Team Leads, Simran Chaudhry  and Ljupco Grmaskoski  for their passion for the community, technology, and enabling the contributions of MVPs throughout Canada. Every need is met, every question answered, every request acted upon. Truly amazing professionals!


In closing, I must say that blogging for IT Manager Connection is a very rich and rewarding experience. It only takes an extra minute in my work and travels to ask, this simple question, "How about being interviewed to share your experiences with a broad audience?"

This journey started in 2005 for IT Manager Connection and I still enjoy every minute and look forward to sharing my experiences and discussions with you for 2011. It's a real privilege sharing with you every week.

Thank you for your patience, meaningful comments, many e-mails and connecting at conferences too. Always drop me a line or come up and chat. If you have a story you wish to share through an interview, let me know; or why not be a guest blogger in IT Manager Connection and let others benefit from your know-how.

Please take care over the holidays and I wish you all a very rewarding holiday season and new year!

Best regards,
Stephen Ibaraki

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