Dr. Kishore Swaminathan Chief Scientist Accenture Shares His Views on IT 2015 and the Cloud

This summer I founded the IP3 GIC (Global Industry Council), part of the United Nations Founded, IFIP, the United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization consultative body for IT. Kishore is a director on the GIC and shared some provocative thoughts for my talks since I was invited to speak at six global summits.

Kishore’s ideas are noteworthy since he is the founding director for Accenture’s technology labs and my opinion, largely responsible for building Accenture to be a 25B USD company. In a series of three blogs, I will share Kishore’s thoughts that he shared with me for my talks. Moreover, have a listen to the interview I conducted with him.

Kishore provides his views on IT 2015 where he talks about three forces that will collide resulting in IT for 2015. These forces are: “The OS Drift”, “The Network Drift”, “The Mobile Phone Drift.”

For 2015, he sees the firewall diminishing, employees bringing their own devices, content and software on centralized servers inside and outside the firewall, commodity services provided by 3rd parties, access through a standardized browser (perhaps running HTML 5), desktop virtualization widespread,  and more.

To see how this will happen, have a look at a paper Kishore shared with me on IT 2015.

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