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Tomorrow I talk to folks in Montreal, the last city on the itSMF Canada Professional Development Days tour. It been an interesting experience. Usually I talk about Microsoft products and the problems they solve but on this tour my focus has been on IT services in general with only a little bit about the tools you can use to deliver those services. My talks have been about cloud computing – what it is and the impact it’s having on IT. The discussions have been great – everything from how cloud computing will change IT service management to using social media in business to what impact the US Privacy Act really has.

Along the way, it’s been my privilege to meet up with the many fine professionals that make up the itSMF community in Canada and quality speakers from all over, including Ivor Evans from the UK (pictured here with me). Ivor is a founding member of the world-wide itSMF movement and the Lifetime Honorary President of itSMF UK, however despite this prestige, he’s quite a down-to-earth guy and I enjoyed chatting with him.

I presented 2 talks – one in Calgary and Toronto with my colleague Kathleen Wilson who told the story of work she’s been doing implementing a private cloud and a similar but different one in Ottawa and then again tomorrow in Montreal without Kathleen as she was unable to join me for the whole tour. You can view the second presentation below or download it from my SkyDrive (complete with my sometimes cryptic notes!).

Alternatively, if you don’t want to download the 10MB PPT, you can download the 2MB PDF which also has all my notes.

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