TechNet Edge Highlight – IT Manager Community Chat on Windows Azure

edge.technet.comKevin Remde is the host for a number of webcasts for IT managers which you can access on TechNet Edge. In this particular one, he talks with Joey Snow, a Microsoft evangelists out of Redmond who focuses on evangelizing Windows Server and Windows Azure with IT professionals world wide.


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They talk on the following:

[02:10] Defining Windows Azure as a cloud services operating system where developers can develop apps to run in MS run data centres.
[03:08] What Azure really means to IT - being able to respond to usage patterns, scale infrastructure and plan spending.
[07:18] Azure and virtualization as solutions for limited space, power and cooling.
[08:50] The difference between Azure and Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS).
[13:15] Combining an on-premise and off-premise solution – when to do what, where do I store my data.
[17:51] How Azure works - is it Windows; how it uses virtualization.
[22:35] Is Microsoft a serious player in cloud computing? How long has Microsoft been doing this and how invested are we?
[25:45] The security of having the data of several organizations in one place.
[28:20] Data redundancy in any one particular data centre.
[30:27] What is used to rollout, scale and manage Windows Azure?
[36:30] Additional resources.
[40:37] Transitioning a local application to the cloud - using the Azure training kit and the local development fabric.
[43:00] Reselling licensing for Windows Azure applications.

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